Retail Scales

Price computing scales like the CAS S2000 JR which is one of the only 60 pound LFT Price Computing Scales on the market today are a great buy. Outstanding Price & Performance Computing Scales for all types of retail products like Fruit, Strawberries, Produce, Meat & Butcher Shops, Bakery, Fudge Stores, Ice-Cream, Coffee, Hardware and more! We also have price computing scale with printer. Computing scales by CAS, such as the S2000-JR, are a great value as well. The "legal for trade" S2000 JR price computing scale with 15 lb, 30 lb, or 60 lb. capacity is the perfect companion for selling fruits and vegetables like strawberries or tomato etc... Its space-saving size and battery-powered operation mean true portability for use anywhere! The low profile, compact design is perfect for limited counter space in businesses like delis, meat shops, candy counters, cheese shops... where anything is sold by weight. Having trouble deciding which scale to purchase? Contact us for reviews and advice Monday through Friday.

Every spring, brilliant blooms escape the cold grip of Winter as Farmers Markets around the country open to display a wide array of fruits and vegetables for the eager consumer. One of the primary purchases a Farmers Market vendor needs to consider is a Legal For Trade price computing scale often made in China. This type of scale is a must if the vendor plans to sell their produce based on weight. This is were the line of price computing scales we offer can help.

Legal for Trade Commercial Weighing

This category of scales has really grown over the past decade. At Central Carolina Scale, we now have dozens of counter top scales available that are legal for trade, NTEP approved with Certificate of Conformance numbers (CoC#). In that group is a wide variety of scales. Some are just weighing scales, while others will also calculate price per pound or price per ounce. We also have several point of sale scales available that connect to popular cash register POS systems. As always, contact us for honest reviews and buying advice to make sure you purchase the right scale for your weighing needs. Our three decades of experience will certainly make buying the right scale easier. We have connections with almost all the major retail scale brands in the industry.

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