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Bench Scales - Food & Restaurant

Scales are used in many applications involving food and restaurants. For years Central Carolina Scale has been providing our customers with durable foodservice scales and products for the food service and restaurant industries. You can find items like Baker Dough Scales, Bench Scales, Parts Counting Scales, Industrial Floor Scales, Hanging Scales, Ingredient Scales, Portable Scales, Portion Scales, Price Computing Scales, Top Loading Dial Scales and much more. One of the selling features we like to mention to our customers is that we have lots of experience recommending scales and we are not under contract to only sell one brand of scale. This means we can recommend the right scale for your specific needs and not just try to push a certain brand to you. Contact us today and let us know what your requirements are and what ingredients you're looking to measure.
  • doran-fc6300-formula-control-scale.jpg
    Doran FC-6300 Formula Control ScaleWhat would it be like to be in total control? Imagine saving at least 2.1% of your yearly ingredient costs. What would that be worth to you? Doranís FC6300 Formula Control System puts you in total control and can pay for itself in four months or less.
  • doran-2200cw-checkweigh-scale.jpg
    Doran 2200CW Check Weigher Scale SystemStore, recall, and weigh with the Doran Scales 2200CW database. This internal database will store up to 250 Checkweigh Tolerances, Tare Weights, Accumulation and Counter totals, and six-digit Product IDs. Recalling a product from the database is as simple as pressing the PROD button and entering the ID.
  • doran-scales-7400-simple-checkweigher.jpg
    Doran 7400 One Button Checkweigher304 Stainless Steel construction and the exclusive, innovative gasket design for washdown protection. Simple, one-button operation, what could be easier? Press Zero and the bright red LED display shows 0.00. Over-Accept-Under indicators can be used to check if the product being weighed meets a target weight.
  • doran-7000xl-stainless-steel-scale.jpg
    Doran 7000XL Stainless Steel Bench ScalesFor years the Doran 7000XL stainless steel washdown scale has been a workhorse in the toughest of working environments. From a simple dough scale on a baker's bench to data collection device connected to a computer network, the 7000XL is adaptable to fit your specific needs. AC power only
  • doran-pc500-washdown-food-portion-scale.jpg
    Doran PC-500 Portion Control ScaleWashdown Safe IP66. The Doran PC-500 features a soft silicone seal that protects against washdown spray and allows a high level of accuracy. Battery Powered 1,000 hour battery life using alkaline batteries. The automatic shut-off feature will power down the scale when not in use.
  • doran-pc400-portion-control-scale.jpg
    Doran PC-400 Portion Control ScaleThe choice is yours. Use the included AC plug-in adapter or the internal rechargeable battery for total portability. Recharge the battery in less than four hours with the AC adapter; you can even use the Doran PC-400 portion control scale while it's recharging.
  • weigh-tronix-zq375-over-under-checkweigher.jpg
    Avery Weigh-Tronix ZQ375 CheckweigherFeaturing food-grade, fully stainless steel construction, the Avery Weigh-Tronix ZQ375 Checkweigher is a highly efficient solution for the food industry and beyond. The AWTX ZQ375 Over/Under Checkweigher can help you to maximize performance and profitability while meeting strict legislative requirements.
  • CW-90X-Checkweigher.jpg
    Rice Lake CW-90X Washdown CheckweigherFor heavy wash down environments and HACCP requirements, choose Rice Lake's CW-90X. The over/under CW-90X checkweigher features hermetically sealed load cells, 304 stainless steel construction, extra-strength piezo keypad, and an IP69K rating to survive daily sanitary washdowns.
  • Versa-Portion.jpg
    Rice Lake Versa-portion Digital ScaleVersatility is perhaps the biggest selling point of this scale with its stainless steel construction, IP68 rating, and a broad range of useful features. With capacities from six to sixty pounds, the Versa-portion is perfect for food processing, hygienic medical settings and everything in between.
  • rice-lake-rs130-ntep-certified-scale
    Rice Lake RS-130 / RS-160 Battery Operated Price Computing ScaleRice Lake RS-130 / RS-160 retail scale provides NTEP legal price computing functionality. The RS-130 displays weight in either pounds, kilograms or ounces and can save eight direct price lookups and 89 indirect price lookups. Quickly calculate cash back for applications where a cash register is not present. 30 x 0.01 lbs or 60 x 0.02 lbs
  • 6700U-cash-register-point-of-sale.jpg
    Brecknell 6700U Series (USB) Point of Sale ScalesThe Brecknell 6700U series is a point-of-sale interface scale for linking to electronic cash registers or POS systems. "Touchless" tare enhances food handling safety. OPOS compatible.
  • c3235-portable-checkweigher.jpg
    Brecknell C3235 Portable CheckweigherBrecknell C3235 is a watertight checkweighing scale for the rapid indication of over, under or acceptable weight in a washdown environment. This check weigher is available in three models from 6 lb (3 kg), 12 lb (6 kg) and 30 lb (15 kg) capacity with readabilities down to 0.001 lb (0.0005 kg).
  • cardinal-scale-admiral-190-bench-scale.jpg
    Cardinal Scale Admiral Series Cardinal Scale Admiral Series features quality, extremely heavy-duty platform, flow-through column design to eliminate water and material buildup, paired with the 190 Storm indicator, extreme temperature & water-pressure resistance, serial port, ColorZone checkweighing, & power options.
  • ED-Series.jpg
    CAS ED Multifunction Bench ScaleThe ED Series from CAS Corporation is an advanced multifunction scale with capacity from 6 lb to 60 lb. Use it for counting, check weighing, accumulating, or simple weighing. Need to print labels or receipts? It's not a problem, just bundle with the optional DLP Label Printer or DEP Receipt Printer.
  • SW-RS.jpg
    CAS SW Series-RS Point of Sale ScaleThe SW-1RS Series doubles as a POS Interface Scale and a Portion Control Scale. Great for use in restaurants, ice cream and frozen yougurt shoppes, cafeterias, farmer's markets, and many more. Fits easily on any countertop with its small footprint. NTEP COC 99-002 serial interface is RS-232 9 pin Female.
  • SW-1.jpg
    CAS SW-1 NTEP Portion Control ScaleCAS SW-1 series portable electronic scale is battery operated and NTEP approved - ideal for use as a food scale or for legal for trade retail weighing. Compact in design & easy to use portion control scale for use in a variety of applications. AC or battery operated, NTEP Legal for trade. available in four different capacities
  • cas-fw500-turtle-washdown-scale.jpg
    CAS FW500 Portable Washdown ScaleCAS FW500 is a waterproof scale with large stainless steel tray and IP69k waterproof design. Perfectly protected from high pressure and high temperature washing. 15, 30, 60 lb capacities. Waterproof Scale with IP69 Design. Battery power. lb/oz/kg/g switchable. Dual Display Optional
  • chatillon-century-7-legal-for-trade-hanging-scale.jpg
    Chatillon Century Series Legal For Trade Hanging ScalesThe CHATILLON Century Series hanging scale are world-renowned for their accuracy, dependability and reliability. The Century Series feature a glass-covered 7-inch dial that reads clockwise. A double dial option is available. Class lll "Legal for Trade" scales. Optional CG Series scoop or CAS circular pan.
  • detecto d series commercial retail scale
    Detecto D Series Price Computing ScaleDetecto's low-profile D series price computing scales offer up to 99 easy-to-add PLUs for fast reference (14 direct quick keys and 85 indirect PLUs). The D series displays Weight, Unit Price, and Total Price on the front and rear backlit LCDs (up to six 0.5-in/13-mm high digits) for both the operator and customer to view simultaneously.
  • detecto-mariner-wps10-washdown-portion-scale.jpg
    Detecto Mariner WPS10 Portion ScaleDETECTO Mariner IP67 washdown portion control scale is submersible underwater for easy clean up that is necessary in messy food service industry applications. The NSF-certified stainless steel scale offers a dual power source of rechargeable battery power or 120V AC adapter (included) with a watertight AC plug on the side.
  • detecto-ps30-nsf-digital-scale.jpg
    Detecto PS30 Portion Control ScaleDETECTO PS30 compact countertop portion scale boasts a hefty 30 lb capacity and accuracy to 0.1 oz. The NSF-certified stainless steel PS30 is versatile enough for use in food service portioning, industrial, shipping, plant processing, and general purpose weighing. The digital scale weighs in pounds, ounces, pounds/ounces, pounds/ounces with fractional 1/8th ounce, and kilograms.
  • iPC.jpg
    Ishida iPC Portable Bench ScaleThe Ishida iPC Portable Bench Scale is a compact and versatile scale, perfect for a vast array of applications from food service to mailrooms. Portability features include battery power up to 500 hours with low battery notification and auto power-off function to preserve battery life.
  • ohaus-navigator-weighing-balance.jpg
    Ohaus Navigator BalanceOHAUS raises the bar in value-oriented digital scales, once again. The NAVIGATOR series offers a best-in-class combination of features, versatility and performance that fit a wide range of industrial, food and laboratory weighing applications. NTEP and Measurement Canada models now available.
  • Ohaus-Aviator-7000.jpg
    Ohaus Aviator 7000 Retail Price Computing ScaleFor secure and easy transportation the Ohaus Aviator 7000 retail scale includes practical design features such as ergo grips and integrated cable storage. NTEP legal for trade, Dual Range capacity, 30 lb or 60 lb capacity price computing scale stands out from the crowd. Choice of standard battery or rechargeable.
  • yamato-accuweigh-sm-n-stainless-steel-dial-scale.jpg
    Yamato Accu-Weigh SM(N) Stainless Steel Dial ScaleThe Accu-Weigh SM(N) stainless steel Universal Dial Scales (UDS) has capacities ranging from 2 lb to 50 lb (900 g to 22 kg). Stainless steel construction and NSF certification. Great for food service. A snap-on stainless steel platform is standard. Dashpot, two bowl options (10" scoop and 5 quart bowl) are options.
  • adam-equipment-warrior-washdown-scale.jpg
    Adam Equipment Warrior Washdown ScaleAdam Equipment Warrior scales meet the demands of tough wash-down and cleanroom environments. Solid stainless steel construction of the base and indicator provide rugged durability.
  • ohaus-valor-4000-food-scale
    Ohaus Valor Series Counter Top Digital ScaleOHAUS raises the bar in value-oriented digital scales, once again. The Valor series offers a best-in-class combination of features, versatility and performance that fit a wide range of industrial, food and laboratory applications. With Legal for Trade certifications and a food-safe design that is NSF Certified, USDA-AMS Accepted and supports HACCP Certified systems (certain models).
  • intruder-cut-resistant-glove-for-cutting-poultry
    Intruder Cut-Resistant GloveCut-Resistant Glove features Stainless steel core fiber. Withstands high pressure cleaning. Stain and odor resistant. FDA/USDA approved materials

Food Scale Types

When you're shopping for digital food scales, one of the first things you need to determine is, what features do you need? Are you looking for a stainless steel enclosure or will plastic work for you? Do you need the scale to be "waterproof", in other words will you be washing the scale down with a hose? If you are going to be washing the scale regularly, how good do you want the enclosure rating to be, (IP65, IP66, IP67, IP68 or IP69K)? Do you need the scale to operate on just batteries or do you need both battery and 110VAC? Do you have specific weighing units you will need (example: pounds, kilograms, grams, ounces, pound:ounces)? Do you have certain readability or accuracy that you will need to obtain? What is the most weight you plan to put on the scale? Do you need the scale to be NTEP legal for trade? Do you need the scale to be NSF approved? Do you need some other type of functionality like sending weight data to your computer? Do you need a checkweigher that will allow you to set a target weight and then setup tolerances for under weight and over weight?

So, as you can see, there are a lot of questions that you need to think about before you make your purchase of a portion control scale. Our suggestion is to take a few moments and write down your requirements (needs) and perhaps a few of your features you'd also like to have, but don't necessarily have to have them (wants). If you have questions, just contact us and we can help you out and review the features of some of your top choices.  Remember, we've been providing customers just like you with scales like these since 1980. Contact us, we can tell you which ones are the best and which ones are the top choices for the money.

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