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Cattle Scales

Cattle scales are very important instruments in livestock weighing. While you're browsing our site please consider your particular situation and determine which style of scale you require. Permanent Installation; for example a squeeze chute. Portable cattle scales; for example see the weigh beams below on this page. With weigh beam systems, usually you would have the weigh beams under what you're weighing and they are connected to a digital weight indicator via a 15 foot long cable. It's also worth noting that we do have some weigh bars which can be permanently installed. The Avery-Weigh Tronix ChuteWeigh system is ideal for livestock weighing and herd management. The ease of installation and setup, allows the Chute Weigh system to be accurately weighing in just minutes. Installation can be portable or permanent depending on specific application.

Portable Installation: Examples include AWB Series Weigh Beams, Brecknell PS2000 platform scale, Avery Weigh-Tronix Chuteweigh which is nice for platforms in alleyways. In many cases you can set the scale up just as they're getting ready to enter the squeeze chute.

Permanent Installation: Examples include Rice Lake SLV Livestock Scale and AWB Series Weigh Beams. SLV is available as a simple platform scale or you add the optional chutes and gates. We also have heavy duty AWB Series weigh beams which can be installed under your chute. Also see the Avery Weigh-Tronix chute weigh system. We also have Rice Lake weigh modules and Avery Weigh-Tronix weigh bar kits which might work well in certain settings.

  • rice-lake-slv-animal-livestock-scale.jpg
    Rice Lake SLV Animal Livestock ScaleThe SLV offers the features of a RoughDeck floor scale modified to meet the demands of livestock weighing. The diamond treadplate and rigid structural-steel channel frame provide durability for weighing sheep, goats, cattle, hogs, horses and more. The SLV can be customized for retrofit or unique applications.
  • salter-ps2000-animal-scale.jpg
    Brecknell PS2000 Livestock Floor ScaleThe Brecknell PS-2000 scale weighs in at around 200 lbs and includes 2 easy access carry handles which make this portable cattle scale relatively convenient to relocate. No need for ramps or recessed floors, as this unit comes with ramped ends. 59" L x 30" W x 2.5" H. Capacity is 2000 lbs
  • awb-livestock-portable-weigh-beams.jpg
    AWB Series Portable Weigh BeamsAWB Weigh Bars Set of (2) load bars calibrated with digital weight indicator. These are probably the finest in the industry both in performance and quality. It includes 2 complete weigh bars, 2 quick disconnect cables, and one stainless steel indicator with internal battery. Choice of length. Cap: 5000 lbs.
  • weigh-tronix-ag-scale-weigh-bar-kit.jpg
    Avery Weigh-Tronix Ag Weigh Bar KitsYou understand the need for having scales but costs have kept you guessing. Avery Weigh-Tronix offers a solution. Build your own scale! We supply the Weigh Bars and indicator and you turn them into your scale. Weigh Bars can be connected directly to the indicator. Turn an existing chute into a livestock scale
  • cardinal-ag-series-weigh-beam-loadcell-kit.jpg
    Cardinal Ag Series Weigh Beam Load Cell KitCardinal farm scales feature potted sealed strain gages protected by steel shroud, protects against rain, snow, dust, mud, easy installation, each kit comes with 4 load cells, mounting pads, 30 feet of load cell cable with connector. 3,000 lb, 30,000 lb and 72,000 lb capacities available.
  • salter-ps3000-horse-weigher.jpg
    Brecknell PS3000HD Heavy Duty Livestock Floor ScaleBrecknell PS3000HD is accurate and reliable: ideal for accurately weighing horses and other larger animals, helps to remove the guesswork where treatments or administration of feed needs to be closely monitored. Platform: 39.37" W x 78.75" L x 3.93" H and Capacity: 3000 lbs
  • cardinal-wrangler-portable-livestock-scale-trailer
    Cardinal Weight Wrangler Mobile Livestock ScalesCardinal Scale mobile Weight Wrangler group animal scales provide a self-contained NTEP legal-for-trade weighing system that can be used on any firm surface with up to a 5% grade. The livestock scales include an integral air pump to easily lift and lower the trailerís air bag suspension. Models come in 18-ft-long tandem axle or 13-ft-long single axle.
  • salter-build-own-floor-scale-kit.jpg
    Brecknell Build Your Own Floor Scale KitThis build your own floor scale kit includes a Brecknell SBI-505 indicator, leveling feet, load cells, interface cable, junction box and summing board. These kits also make great spare parts to have on the shelf just in case your current platform scale needs a quick fix.
  • rice-lake-482-legend-weight-readout.jpg
    Rice Lake 482 Legend Digital Weight IndicatorRice Lake Legend Series, classic Rice Lake quality and design with new ideas for tomorrow. 482/482 Plus. Large 0.8 in LCD display. Time and date. Two independent serial ports, RS-232 and 20 mA
  • b-tek endurance AT Truck Scale
    B-Tek Endurance-AT Truck ScaleB-TEK Endurance-AT was developed by leveraging years of experience in truck scale design, innovation and fabrication. The Endurance-AT balances the need for weighbridge strength coupled with superior quality load cells and overall affordability. The Endurance-AT is a perfect fit for commercial manufacturing, light industrial and seasonal farming applications.
  • rice-lake-mas-lc-cattle-scale
    Rice Lake MAS-LC Stationary Animal ScaleRice Lake MAS-LC scale combines the accuracy of fully electronic weighing technology with steel I-Beam weighbridge designs typically found in heavy capacity vehicle weighing scales. With a wide range of sizes, the MAS-LC is the right choice for any stationary cattle weighing application.

Choices To Consider for Portable Cattle Scales

One of the most important things we do for our customers at Central Carolina Scale is to provide them with numerous weighing choices when they are looking to make a purchase for their cattle squeeze chutes. We try to provide both quality and value in every weighing system. The Avery Weigh-Tronix Chute Weigh system load bars are ideally suited for conversion of a manual or hydraulic livestock squeeze chute (cattle crush) into a working livestock scale. Simple and easy to install, with a large weight capacity and weatherproof construction, the chute weigh can be installed within minutes and is a great solution for weighing cattle.

Now when you think of portable, then you have to look at the heavy duty Rice Lake Portable Group Animal Scale - MAS-P. The The Portable Group Animal Scale’s patented design consists of a rubberized deck and pen sides, suspended on load cells at four points within a portable base frame. When in transport mode, the cage is "locked down" to the base frame. This prevents cage movement and load cell damage during transport. And when it comes to scale indicators for your livestock weighing applications, we have them from Triner, Tuffner and Tru Test to Cardinal, Rice Lake and Intercomp as well.