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Cambridge Scale Works

Cambridge Scale Works

Cambridge Scale Works, Inc. has been building high quality scales for more than two decades in Western Chester County, Pennsylvania and high quality scales and electronics for nearly a decade in Western Maryland. Cambridge Scale Works reputation for over-building stems from experience in the service end of the scale business. Cambridge uses that experience for design and manufacturing such items as forklift scales, crane scales, axle scales and floor scales.
  • cambridge-701-paw-portable-axle-scales.jpg
    Cambridge Scale Works 701-PAW Axle ScaleCambridge Scale 701-PAW axle scales feature 60K Total Capacity, (4) 10K Environmentally Sealed Load Cells (Per Scale), Polycarbonate NEMA 4X Junction Box, 3” Structural Tubular Steel Construction, Diamond Tread Deck Plate
  • cambridge-700-paw-hd-heavy-duty-axle-scales.jpg
    Cambridge Scale Works 700-PAW-HD Portable Axle WeigherCambridge 700-PAW-HD features, “Heavy Duty” Concentrated Loading, 60K, 70K, and 80K Lb, 15K & 20K "Heavy Duty" Environmentally Sealed Load Cells, Polycarbonate NEMA 4X Junction Box, 4” Structural Tubular Steel Construction, Diamond Tread Deck Plate, Made in USA quality
  • cambridge-770-vehicle-scale.jpg
    Cambridge Scale 770 Light Vehicle ScaleCambridge 770 vehicle scale is great for General Purpose Weighing of smaller vehicles or items like Airport Containers, Airport Trams, Pick-Up Trucks, Single Axle / Light Duty Vehicles, Recycling Centers, Landscape Yard and many more.
  • cambridge-sscsw-10at-weight-indicator.jpg
    Cambridge Scale SSCSW-10AT Digital Weight IndicatorCambridge SSCSW-10AT digital weight indicator features include: Stainless Steel NEMA 4X Enclosure with Stainless Steel Swivel Stand, NTEP 5,000 Divisions, Net/Gross, Tare, Adjustable Digital Filtering, All Pushbutton Controls, LED Display (Bright), Serial Data Output on Demand, Battery Version available.
  • cambridge-weighfer-low-profile-platform-scales.jpg
    Cambridge PB Series "WEIGHFER" ScalesCambridge Scale Works Weighfer PB series low profile platform scales feature Clamshell Design, Polished Stainless Steel Cover, Powder Coated Steel Base, Ultra-Low Profile - Height 1.5” - 2.5”, 25 lb thru 1,000 lb Capacities, (4) Planar Beam Load Cells, 10’ Indicator Cable, (4) Vibration Absorbent Anti-Skid Leveling Feet
  • cambridge-660-pw-horseshoe-scale.jpg
    Cambridge 660-PW U-Shape Horseshoe ScaleCambridge 660-PW U-Shape horseshoe scale fits small and large pallets and fits all standard "pallet jack trucks" and most "power walkies". Anti-Skid diamond plate deck. Easy access leveling feet and junction board, Low profile 3" high design. Overall size is 60" x 60" with 5000 or 10,000 lb capacity.
  • cambridge-670-4-platform-scale-with-4-ramps.jpg
    Cambridge 670-4 BARREL WEIGHER ScaleCambridge Model 670-4 Barrel Weigher Four Ramp Model is a unique industrial platform scale with ramps on each of the four sides.
  • cambridge-classic-660-heavy-duty-floor-scale
    Cambridge 660 Classic Heavy Duty Floor ScaleCambridge Model 660 “Classic” Series platform scales feature top leveling access and top access to the plastic NEMA 4x junction box for convenient leveling and corner adjustments. Sizes range from 24” x 24” 1,000 lb capacity to 120” x 144” with 20,000 lb capacity.
  • cambridge-scale-works-770-aw-axle-weigher
    Cambridge 770-AW Axle Weigher / Landing Gear ScaleThe Cambridge Scale 770-AW and Model 770-AW-LG Landing Gear Scales are available in a wide range of sizes and capacities in order to meet your specific requirements. The 770-AW can also be configured as a medium capacity vehicle scale.
  • cambridge-660-coil-scale
    Cambridge 660-COIL Series Concentrated Load ScaleHeavy duty scale for weighing Steel Coils, Aluminum Coils, Copper Coils, Cable Spools, Billets, Charge Weighing, Castings, Steel Scrap, etc... 10,000 Through 60,000 LB capacities, Cross strutted structural tubular steel construction, 1/2 inch thick smooth carbon steel deck plate, four internally mounted, IP 67 rated water resistant load cells. Some models are NTEP.
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