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Brecknell Load Cells

Brecknell Scales at one time was referred to as Salter Brecknell Weighing Products and you'll still hear us refer to it that way from time to time. Brecknell, part of Avery Weigh-Tronix, a proud member of the Illinois Tool Works (ITW) company, celebrated 250 years of customer commitment and history in 2011. Founded in 1761, Brecknell has grown to become a global leader in weighing solutions. Brecknell Load Cells are constructed by one of the top load cell manufacturers in the world, Zemic. So you can count on the cells to be accurate, reliable and affordable. And of course with the name Brecknell you can depend on outstanding support and reliability.

Brecknell Load Cell Supplier in North Carolina

The lineup of Brecknell load cells and supporting products from Brecknell are ideal for many weighing applications. The full range of Zemic load cells should complement and support your service and original equipment requirements. Many of the Brecknell load cells are interchangeable with the brand name cells that you're used to like Revere Transducers or Tedea Huntleigh. So if your normal brand name cell is out of stock or has a longer lead time than you would prefer, contact us and ask for the equivalent Brecknell replacement load cell. It can be a little tricky to understand the Zemic part numbers but this part number brochure should help you understand what all the letters and numbers mean in the load cell part number. Also, the load cell cross reference guide is a very helpful tool for picking the correct replacement load cell for your application.

brecknell load cells



Click on the links above for pdf spec sheets.

Single Point - B6E-H6E, B6E3-H6E3, B6F, B6G, B6N, BM11, BM6A, BM6E, BM6G, H6F, H6G, HM11, L6B, L6C, L6D, L6E, L6E3, L6F, L6G, L6H5, L6J1, L6L, L6N, L6Q, L6T, L6W

S-Beam - B3G, BM3, H3, H3F, H3G

Compression - BM14A, BM14C, BM14D, BM14K

Shear Beam - B8D, B8Q, BM8D, BM8G, BM8H, H8C, H8H, H8Q, HM14C, HM8, HM8C

Dual End Shear Beam - B9C, B9D, B9N, H9C, H9D, H9H, H9N, HM9B, HM9C, HM9E

Others - BM24R, H2A, H2D, H2F, HM2D4

The load cells are manufactured by a chinese company named Zemic. The company has decades of experience in load cell manufacturing in China. Zemic USA was established in California in 2006 to simplify logistics. With 24 years of being active in the field of weighing, a team of engineers in the R & D department in China, you can expect a high quality product. Thousands of products are stocked in the warehouse in Southern California in order to offer you shorter lead times and make the distribution in the United States as efficient as possible.