Do You Need To Always Have Forks Perfectly Level with Rice Lake CLS scale?

If you have a Rice Lake Cargo Lift Scale (CLS) on your forklift. Do you always have to have the forks perfectly level when taking a weight reading?

Until recently, Rice Lake CLS systems have been NTEP approved to +/- 3 degrees from level, and anything outside of that range would not display a weight. The majority of forklift masts will tilt back about 5 degrees and occasionally systems have to account for an uneven ground slope as well. To accommodate this, Rice Lake recently made some system improvements to acquire NTEP approval at +/- 7 degrees, giving newer CLS models the highest out-of-level compensation of any forklift scale on the market. And better yet, we achieve that accuracy with our simple 4-point calibration procedure.

What’s especially nice about this for operators is that they don’t need to change how they would pick up a load or safely carry it in order to get the scale to work. The improved CLS system will measure the majority of loads within a normal operating range.