Computer Scales on a 7″ Android™ Tablet

This is a pretty cool scale system. We are often asked about using a tablet computer to see scale weights but often it’s really not too practical for industrial situations. However, for racing scales it can actually be a great choice. Longacre Racing has developed an exciting new system that includes four scale pads and an android tablet which displays the scale weight info along with quite a bit of additional customized weight information. Take a look below.

Computerscales on a Tablet
This is the future of chassis setups. This tablet has many times the capacity of any dedicated scale control box. This scale was designed from the ground up as a tablet based system, not an add-on to an existing model. The wireless signal goes directly from the pads to the tablet without any bulky re-transmitter boxes needed. In the future we will have many more ‘apps’ for various setup functions.

Tablet Included
The tablet included is an Android™ based model and can support other ‘apps’. Computerscales XLi app is pre-installed and the entire system is ready to use. (Tablet brand / model may vary.)

DUAL Load Cell CNC Machined Pads (Single Cell Pads Also Available)
Dual cells give you a much more rigid platform than any single cell pads can. The lower deflection significantly improves accuracy and consistency, particularly for critical cross weight. These pads are fully CNC machined to a dead flat finish – within just .005″

Some of the features I like include the fact that all your partial weights & %’s can be seen. Scroll thru the options with your fingertip. The Tablet shows Memory weights and current weights AT THE SAME TIME so you can easily compare (50 memory storage). The Tabet features a customizable display – Easily tap your preferences in the order you want them displayed. You can even add a blank line if you want to separate %s. Select as many or few as you want. Up to 5 will be shown on the main display but you can access the others scrolling the list up or down. You can also change partial weight % resolution and weight units. Pad battery status shown on display for each corner. There’s even a Bright Sunlight screen mode for easier viewing outdoors. Contact Central Carolina Scale today at 919-776-7737 to place your order.

What Does The Arrow On A Load Cell Mean?

One question we are asked occasionally is what does the arrow on my load cells mean and what direction should it be pointing?

As you can imagine, correct load cell orientation is necessary for your scale to function properly. Most load cells have an arrow that tells you the direction of the load. When weight is applied to the scale, the load cell will deflect in the direction the arrow is pointing. When installed correctly, this deflection provides a positive output (based on the load cell color code) which is then interpreted as weight. If the load cell is installed incorrectly, you won’t get a positive weight reading on your scale.

Also, make sure you know your load cell’s color code. They can vary by manufacturer, but don’t worry we have a web application to alleviate any confusion. Just visit the link above and enter the load cell’s manufacturer and model to see the correct color code.

Website Makeover

We’re not exactly sure when we first went online many years ago with — probably sometime around 2000 is our best guess. Back then it was a 5 page website that stated who we are, what we do, and how to contact us. Of course, like most businesses we’ve grown over the years and so has our website which now has hundreds (maybe even thousands) of pages. Our current website was built starting back in 2003 which is kind of like 1980 in internet years — which means a lot has changed since that time.

So, we’re proud to announce that we are planning on launching our brand new website in the next few weeks! It has been a very long journey (almost a year to be exact) and we are very excited to show the website to our customers. It is built using a high quality content management system (CMS) which will allow us to easily keep it updated and fresh with the latest news and product information. So, stay tuned and check out the site which we hope to launch in the next couple of weeks.