New & Improved NCI 7800 Series Shipping Scales from Avery Weigh-Tronix

Avery Weigh-Tronix has improved the successful NCI 7800 series of post, mail and shipping scales, to bring them into line with the modern requirements of postal operations. The main change is the addition of improved connectivity options. The 7800 series will retain all of the key features that have contributed to the success of the range over the years, offering an affordable entry level shipping scale with a robust design.

However, changes within the postal and shipping industry have seen POS terminals advance and communication methods improve. So the factory has brought the range into line with modern requirements by adding USB HID and USB VCP ports to many of the models as standard. The NCI 7800 series scales have also been re-branded  with the Avery Weigh-Tronix overlay design which now resembles the Avery Weigh-Tronix family branding that you may have noticed on some of their newest indicators for example.

Please note that we ship our NCI scales straight from the factory, so you even if our part numbers on the website are old, you will receive the brand new stock direct from the Avery Weigh-Tronix scale factory in Minnesota.

nci shipping scales by Avery Weigh-Tronix

Current Part Number     Description                        New Part Number
7300-16577-01    Kit, Remote Display 6 Digit 7′             AWT05-508631
7300-16864-01   Kit, Remote DSPL 6DIG 1′ POST       AWT05-508632
9503-16444         7815 BASE ASSY 12×14 150lb          AWT05-508634
9503-16645         7815 BASE ASSY 12×14 150lb          AWT05-508635
9503-17293         7815R BASE ASSY 12×14 150lb        AWT05-508636
9503-17294         7815R BASE ASSY 12×14 150lb        AWT05-508637
9503-16504         7820 BASE ASSY 12×14 100lb          AWT05-508638
9503-16509         7820 BASE ASSY 12×14 100lb          AWT05-508639
9503-16505         7820 BASE ASSY 12×14 150lb          AWT05-508640
9503-16510         7820 BASE ASSY 12×14 150lb          AWT05-508641
9503-17229         7820R BASE ASSY 12×14 150lb       AWT05-508642
9503-17230         7820R BASE ASSY 12×14 150lb       AWT05-508643
9503-16249         7821 BASE ASSY 12×14 200lb          AWT05-508644
9503-15796         7824 BASE ASSY 12×14 250lb          AWT05-508645
9503-15798         7824 BASE ASSY 24×24 250lb         AWT05-508646
9503-15797         7824 BASE ASSY 24×24 300lb         AWT05-508647
9503-15799         7824 BASE ASSY 24×24 300lb        AWT05-508648
9503-16278         7829 BASE ASSY 20×20 250lb        AWT05-508649
9503-16279         7829 BASE ASSY 20×20 250lb        AWT05-508650
9503-15791          7840 BASE ASSY 18×24 250lb       AWT05-508651
9503-15793          7840 BASE ASSY 18×24 250lb       AWT05-508652
9503-16934         7880 BASE ASSY 18×18 100lb        AWT05-508653
9503-16935         7880 BASE ASSY 18×18 100lb       AWT05-508654
9503-16936         7880 BASE ASSY 18×18 150lb       AWT05-508655
9503-16937         7880 BASE ASSY 18×18 150lb       AWT05-508656
9503-16938         7880 BASE ASSY 18×18 250lb       AWT05-508657
9503-16939         7880 BASE ASSY 18×18 250lb       AWT05-508658
9503-16679         7885 BASE ASSY 18×18 150lb       AWT05-508659
9503-16680        7885 BASE ASSY 18×18 150lb        AWT05-508660

Our range of electronic postal scales, available from Central Carolina Scale are extremely accurate, developed together with high volume shippers, and designed for use in a range of environments, from retail counters to back office systems. Most are highly connective, able to integrate into existing POS and data systems.

These scales can stand up to a busy day in the post office or mail room, day after day, and still accurate enough to display small differences in box weight. The postal scale range features easy to use operator displays, for error free, rapid customer service. Our extensive range of industrial products applicable to the postal logistics industry that can enhance your productivity and increase your company profitability. Contact us if you have any questions. (919) 776-7737 or visit our website and complete the request for quote/information form.

Rice Lake Roughdeck Floor Scales Are Built in America & Designed For Industrial Environments

Roughdeck floor scales manufactured by Rice Lake Weighing Systems in Wisconsin are simply the strongest and most accurate floor scales available. These Made in USA heavy-duty scales are built tough from start to finish and lives up to its name with a superior structural design which has proven so durable that each Roughdeck carries a full five-year warranty on the deck structure.

Roughdeck floor scale design separates itself from other floor scales by minimizing deck deflection and other forces that could damage load cells. This provides greater accuracy and repeatability with every weighment. These floor scales can also be made in any custom size, shape, or capacity to meet unique needs. Rice Lake uses an intense cleaning process to remove all foreign materials and residue before painting to ensure proper paint bonding. Thick coats of paint are applied adding to each scales industry leading durability.

Stainless steel decks are abrasive blasted for a clean finish suitable for corrosive, chemical or washed down environments. Included with all models the rugged stainless steel Toughseal junction boxes are specifically designed to protect sensitive circuitry. Adjustable stainless steel Surefoot support feet decrease extraneous forces on the load cells resulting in superior accuracy and repeatability.

All Roughdeck models have threaded holes in the deck. This allows for the installation of eyebolts for use when lifting the scale with chains or using a spreader bar during installation or when servicing. All assembled Roughdeck scales are delivered with the junction box corner trimmed which equalizes load cell output. Standard or customized; the Roughdeck series is available in low profile, stationary, and portable versions and offers component interchangeability and alternative construction materials to meet specific industrial requirements.

From basic shipping and receiving, to highly corrosive or washed down environments. Rice Lake has a Roughdeck to meet any need. From weighing pallets, steel coils, truck axles, and even people or animals – Rice Lake floor scales carry the durable reputation and strength of the Roughdeck name. Durability and performance to last a lifetime.

If you are looking for a reliable weighing solution that is built tough and designed to last, please give us a call at (919) 776-7737 or fill out the request a quote form on our website.

Virginia Man Reels in Fish Weight Record Catch

Since we offer so many great fishing scales for clubs and tournaments we thought it might be interesting to our readers to share a story. You may have already heard about it but there was a record catch that was made recently on the North Carolina coast. Neil Manning of Ashburn, Virginia, reeled in a 138-pound fish Nov. 16 while fishing off Hatteras. The fish measured 85 inches from the tip of the lower jaw to the fork in the tail. At one time you could see  all the North Carolina Saltwater Fishing records on a site we had linked here but it is no longer valid.

Some of the fish you’ll see listed in the North Carolina records link above include: Albacore, Amberjack, Barracuda, Black Sea Bass, Striped Bass, Bluefish, Cobia, Croaker, Dolphin, Drum, Flounder, Grouper, Hogfish, Kingfish, King Mackerel, Blue Marlin, White Marlin, Perch, Pigfish, Pinfish, Sailfish, Scamp, Blue Shark, Hammerhead Shark, Lemon Shark, Tiger Shark, Snapper, Spadefish, Spearfish, Swordfish, Tarpon, Triggerfish, Trout, Tuna and Wahoo.

Getting back to the original point of the post, the previous state record for white marlin was 118 pounds, 8 ounces, caught off the coast of North Carolina’s Oregon Inlet in 1976. In case you’re curious, the all time record world wide for white marlin was done in Brazil and weighed over 180 pounds.

digital hanging scale for weighing fish caught in ocean

Most of our scale systems that we sell on a regular basis to fishing clubs and tournaments are lower capacity models designed for weighing small mouth bass for example. Our standard capacity is usually around 50 pounds and the scale has an actual platform that is usually around 12″ x 12″. However, in order to weigh some of the larger saltwater fish that are mentioned in the article above, we would typically recommend some type of digital hanging scale. We have a variety to choose from and likewise several price points are available as well. You can contact us M-F 8-4:30 at (919) 776-7737