Looking for the Price on a 60×11 Truck Scale for Weighing Tanker Trucks

Today we’re going to go in depth and actually put together a truck scale quote for weighing a tanker truck. So we recently received a request from a customer regarding a truck scale. The customer was looking for the price on a 60×11 truck scale for weighing tanker trucks and asked for a quote for an above ground truck scale with at least 100,000 lb. capacity, 60 foot long and 11 foot wide, which they say is just enough for one tanker truck.

Ok, then let’s get that priced out for you. Now, as we always try to mention with these truck scale quotes and scale terminology blog posts, please be aware that these are just estimates and they are not exact figures and pricing is subject to change. We’re simply giving you an idea of what kind of pricing to expect based on current year numbers. And it’s quite possible to possibly get some pricing breaks or discounts depending on when you are reading this and/or looking to order.

truck scales 101

Truck Scale Foundation

Ok, now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s take a look at the costs. You’ll need to get your concrete foundation poured. The most cost effective way to do that is probably to have your own contractor pour the concrete costs for foundations can vary, but it might be somewhere between $18,000 to $28,000.

60×11 Truck Scale Freight

Freight to ship your scale from the manufacturer to you is likely somewhere around $3000. Keep in mind, freight will vary depending on where the scale ships from and where it’s shipping to. Also, you will need to have a crane to offload the scale. You can supply that crane to cut costs if needed. Continue reading

Why Use a NTEP Certified Price Computing Scale at the Farmers Market in 2023?

Have you ever wondered if the scale at your local farmers market is providing accurate measurements? You’re not alone.

Proper weighing is crucial for both buyers and sellers, and accuracy is the key to ensuring fair transactions. In recent years, the use of NTEP certified price computing scales has become increasingly popular (or required) at farmers markets and other retail settings. But why use a NTEP certified price computing scale? NTEP certification is important, and how can it benefit both businesses and customers?

In this blog post, we will delve into the world of NTEP certification, its advantages, and various applications. We will also provide guidance on selecting the right NTEP certified scale for your specific needs. So, let us embark on a journey to discover the significance of NTEP digital scales in today’s farmers markets and commercial settings.

Quick Summary

  • NTEP certification ensures accuracy, reliability and legal compliance of scales used in trade applications.

  • Legal for trade status increases customer trust leading to increased sales and satisfaction.

  • Selecting an NTEP certified scale requires careful consideration of capacity, platform size, label printer capabilities & maintenance/calibration requirements.

Understanding NTEP Certification


price computing scale for weighing frozen yogurt by the ounce

Trade scales play an essential role in the commerce of goods, as they determine the price based on weight. For this reason, it is crucial that these scales are accurate, reliable, and meet certain legal requirements. This is where the National Type Evaluation Program (NTEP) comes into the picture, ensuring that scales used in trade applications are compliant with the legal for trade requirements.

NTEP-certified scales undergo a rigorous testing procedure and are only approved if they meet the necessary legal requirements. These scales must be calibrated using certified weights and serviced by certified scale technicians to ensure their continued accuracy and reliability.

By obtaining a NTEP Certificate of Conformance Number (CoC#), a scale is granted legal for trade status, encompassing multiple weighing capacities and platform sizes.

Legal for Trade Requirements

The legal for trade designation ensures that a scale adheres to the criteria set forth by the National Conference on Weights and Measures (NCWM), which evaluates the scale and grants NTEP certification upon successful evaluation. This certification process guarantees that the scale is suitable for use in applications involving custody transfers, selling, purchasing, exchanging, and establishing costs of services. Utilizing a price computing scale at farmer’s markets is of great importance as it guarantees the accuracy and dependability of the scales, as well as their conformity to commercial regulations and legal for trade status, thereby engendering consumer trust.

Legal for trade requirements not only ensure that the scale is accurate and reliable, but also protect businesses and customers from potential issues stemming from inaccurate measurements. By adhering to these requirements, a scale is granted legal for trade status, signifying its adherence to the accuracy, repeatability, and linearity standards.

What is a NTEP Certificate of Conformance Number (CoC#)?

A NTEP Certificate of Conformance Number (CoC#) is a unique identifier assigned to a scale that has met the requirements of the NTEP program. This certificate confirms that the digital scale complies with the requirements of the Handbook 44, a guide outlining the standards and regulations for weighing and measuring devices in the United States.

Obtaining a CoC# not only signifies that the scale has been rigorously tested and found to be accurate and reliable, but also ensures that it is compliant with legal regulations.

A NTEP certified scale with a valid CoC# can be used with confidence in various applications, including farmers markets, retail shops, and food service establishments, where accurate measurements are crucial.

Advantages of NTEP Certified Price Computing Scales

cas price computing scale

NTEP certified price computing scales offer an array of benefits that extend beyond mere compliance with legal requirements. These scales are known for their accuracy, reliability, and ability to adhere to commercial regulations, which ultimately lead to increased customer confidence and satisfaction.

In addition, NTEP certified scales are designed with user-friendly features that save time and effort. For instance, price computing scales come with built-in bright and easy-to-read displays that allow for instant price calculations. By investing in an NTEP certified scale, businesses can enhance their operations and ensure that customers receive the appropriate price for the items they purchase.

Accuracy and Reliability of Produce Scales

When it comes to weighing produce, accuracy and reliability are of utmost importance. Most trade scales are accurate to within 0.01 lb, ensuring that customers receive the correct amount of product for the price they pay. NTEP certified scales, in particular, are known for their dependability, as they are designed to withstand frequent use without complications.

By using an NTEP certified scale, businesses can guarantee the accuracy and reliability of their weighing results, providing customers with peace of mind and building trust in the process. With accurate measurements and compliance, both buyers and sellers can be confident that they are engaging in fair transactions.

Compliance with Commercial Regulations

Adhering to commercial regulations is a key aspect of using certified scales. In the United States, scales used to determine the net weight of products sold or distributed in commerce must be tested for accuracy regularly, and in most states, businesses are legally required to use a commercial scale that is approved and legal for trade.

By complying with these regulations, businesses can ensure the accuracy and reliability of their scales, guaranteeing that customers are neither overcharged nor undercharged for their purchases. Additionally, consistent adherence to commercial regulations can help businesses avoid potential difficulties resulting from inaccurate measurements and non-compliant scales.

Legal for Trade Status leads to Enhanced Customer Trust

Achieving legal for trade status through NTEP certification not only ensures that a scale meets the necessary accuracy and reliability requirements, but also plays a vital role in building customer trust. Customers are more likely to purchase from a vendor they trust, and this trust is established when they know that the scales used are precise, reliable, and legal for trade.

In this context, NTEP certified price computing scales offer a clear advantage, as they are designed to meet the stringent requirements of NCWM. Customers who are in the market for a new trade scale would be wise to shop for genuine legal for trade scales. Unfortunately in our current global market, there are non-ntep scales available which are much cheaper. However, often these scales are low quality and weigh inconsistently.

By investing in a genuine legal for trade price computing scale, businesses can enhance customer trust, leading to increased sales and customer satisfaction.

Applications of NTEP Certified Price Computing Scales

legal for trade produce scale

NTEP certified price computing scales can be used in a wide variety of settings, making them a versatile and valuable addition to any business that relies on accurate weight measurements. Some common applications of these scales include candy stores, retail shops, food service establishments, yogurt per ounce sales, and farmers market produce stands.

In each of these applications, accuracy and reliability are of paramount importance, and NTEP approved legal for trade scales can deliver on both fronts. By utilizing a trade price computing scale, businesses can ensure compliance with commercial regulations, guarantee accurate measurements, and ultimately enhance customer trust and satisfaction.

Candy Stores and Retail Shops

In candy stores and retail shops, where products are often sold by weight, using a certified scale is essential for ensuring accurate measurements and legal compliance. These trade price computing scales provide customers with precise and reliable measurements, allowing them to receive the correct quantity of product for the price they pay.

Moreover, by employing NTEP legal for trade produce scales in these settings, businesses can protect themselves from potential legal issues arising from inaccurate measurements. This not only helps maintain customer trust, but also contributes to the overall success and growth of the business.

Food Service and Yogurt Per Ounce Sales

In food service establishments and yogurt per ounce sales, accurate measurement is crucial for pricing and portion control. NTEP approved Legal for trade farmers market scales can ensure that customers receive the correct amount of product for the price they pay, while also adhering to legal regulations.

By using NTEP approved scales in these settings, businesses can guarantee accurate measurements and pricing, and build customer trust in the process. This not only leads to increased customer satisfaction, but also contributes to the overall success and growth of the business.

Farmers Market Produce Stands

Farmers market produce stands rely heavily on accurate weight measurements to determine the price of their products. By utilizing certified produce scales, these stands can ensure that customers receive the correct quantity of strawberries or whatever type of produce for the price they pay while also adhering to commercial regulations.

The use of NTEP scales in farmers market produce not only guarantees accurate measurements but also fosters customer trust and satisfaction. With enhanced trust, customers are more likely to return and recommend the produce stand to others, ultimately contributing to the growth and success of the business.

Selecting the Right NTEP Legal for Trade Scale

farmers market scales for selling fruit by the pound

When selecting the right trade scale for your business, there are several factors to consider. These include capacity and platform size, label printer capabilities, and maintenance and calibration requirements. By taking these factors into account, you can choose a scale that meets your specific needs and ensures accurate measurements, compliance with legal requirements, and enhanced customer trust.

In the following sections, we will delve deeper into these factors, providing valuable insights and guidance that will help you make an informed decision when selecting the ideal digital scales for your business.

Capacity and Platform Size Considerations

Capacity and platform size are important factors to consider when selecting a produce scale. Capacity refers to the maximum weight the trade scale can handle, while platform size refers to the size of the weighing platform. Ensuring that the scale’s capacity and platform size are suitable for the items being weighed will guarantee accurate and reliable weighing results.

Certified scales come in a wide range of capacities such as 15 lb, 30 lb, or 60 lb. Platform sizes are often in the 12″x14″ range. Good choices for small retail shops to large higher volume settings. By carefully considering these factors, you can select a scale that meets the unique requirements of your business.

Label Printer Capabilities

torrey lpc-40l

Label printer capabilities are another important aspect to consider when selecting trade price computing scales.

NTEP scales with label printer capabilities can be especially beneficial in retail settings, such as candy stores, food service establishments, and farmers markets, where accurate labeling is crucial for ensuring customer satisfaction and compliance with legal requirements. By investing in a scale with label printer capabilities, you can streamline your operations and provide a better experience for your customers.

An additional area to consider is battery power. Most customers looking to purchase legal for trade price computing scales often choose a scale with rechargeable battery. If you prefer alkaline batteries, your choices may be limited.

Maintenance and Calibration

nist class f test weight

Regular maintenance and calibration are essential for ensuring the accuracy and reliability of any certified scale. Calibration involves adjusting a scale to guarantee that it provides precise readings, while maintenance encompasses various tasks that help prevent costly repairs or malfunctions.

By prioritizing scale maintenance and calibration, businesses can prolong the life of their NTEP certified scales and ensure consistent accuracy and reliability. This not only helps maintain customer trust, but also prevents potential legal issues arising from inaccurate measurements and non-compliant scales.

Final Summary

NTEP certified price computing scales offer numerous advantages for businesses and customers alike. By ensuring accuracy, reliability, and compliance with commercial regulations, these scales contribute to enhanced customer trust and overall business success. With a wide range of applications, from candy stores and retail shops to food service establishments and farmers market produce stands, NTEP certified scales are a valuable addition to any business that relies on accurate weight measurements.

As you consider investing in a NTEP approved legal for trade price computing scale, keep in mind the factors discussed in this blog post, such as capacity and platform size, label printer capabilities, and maintenance and calibration requirements. By selecting the right scale for your unique needs, you can ensure accurate measurements, legal compliance, and enhanced customer trust, ultimately contributing to the growth and success of your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an NTEP scale?

Based on this information, it is recommended that you obtain an NTEP approved scale if you are buying, selling, or charging based on weight within the United States.

Therefore, yes, you do need an NTEP scale in order to comply with legal standards.

What does NTEP mean for scales?

NTEP provides a certification process for weighing and measuring devices, such as scales, ensuring that they meet stringent national standards for accuracy and repeatability. This ensures that any scale bearing the NTEP mark is reliable and accurate, providing piece of mind to consumers.

Does NTEP mean Legal for trade?

Often the terms NTEP approved and legal for trade are used interchangeably.  Yes – NTEP does mean legal for trade.

How do I know if my scale is Legal for trade?

To determine if your scale is Legal for trade, look for an accuracy class designation such as CoC# class III. This should be clearly labeled on the serial plate of the device. Make sure to thoroughly check before using the scale in any kind of business setting. If you’re in doubt you can check the NCWM website for a list of NTEP devices.

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