Where Can You Buy Scales?

Where can you buy a scale? Well, years ago you needed to contact your local scale company and discuss what you were looking to do. Then, the scale dealer would recommend the right item for your weighing needs. It was, and still is, a very effective way to purchase scales. Fast forward to 2015 and now everyone wants to buy scales online by adding your items to an online shopping cart. Of course, there are some advantages to making your purchase directly on the internet. It’s fairly easy, you don’t need to talk to anyone, you can browse at your leisure and make the purchase whenever you want to…. Even at 2 AM if you desire.

where can i buy scales

The problem with making your scale purchase online via a shopping cart is that you don’t typically receive any input from a trained and experienced scale sales person. For example, in our business if you speak to one of our scale sales associates, you’re speaking with someone who has been building and recommending scale systems for customers for over 10, 20, 30 years or more! This is valuable experience that you can benefit from and eliminate a lot of the trial & error of building your own scale system and/or the hassle of having to return items because you ordered the wrong parts.

At CCS, we have access to some of the best engineers and sales managers in the scale industry, so that we can get your system put together and quoted. A system that Central Carolina Scale puts together will provide you with high quality weighing components from the best brands in the weighing industry at a great price! Call us today (919) 776-7737. And as an added bonus, you might even enjoy talking with us and develop a great working relationship like the hundreds of other customers that we have!