DC 100 Counting Scale

I have to admit we are pretty excited about the Digi DC 100 digital parts counting scale line! At first glance this scale looks like a lot of counting scales on the market, but this is a really nice scale loaded with some great features. One of the most obvious features is the notecards that you can place under the keyboard on the front of the scale. This can allow you to post instructions to users of the scale or if you have users who don’t speak english very well, you can post instructions on the notecard and place it on the keypad.

The scale also features a nice bright display, optional battery power, and a remote scale connection — which would allow you to hook a 2nd scale to your DC 100 such as a 15″x15″ bench scale or a large 4’x4′ platform scale. We highly suggest you take a look at the DC 100 today!

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