I want a balance with good resolution and a good price!

This is a statement we still hear all the time…well, here is the “Halloween Treat” of an answer you’ve been looking for — The Kilotech Entry Level Precision Series KHA Balance.

A versatile series of balances which supply precision at a reasonable cost. Fast microprocessing speed and digital filtration are the key to peak performance and stability. Several of the models even come with draftshields! It’s single direction RS-232 allows you to connect to peripheral devices and the backlight permits you to work in a low light environment. Levelling bubble is included and all four feet are adjustable (this is optional on some comparable models).

Features include: external calibration, brushed stainless steel platter and ac adapter, levelling bubble and adjustable feet, scale weighs in g, oz, lb, dwt, ozt, cnt (and KHA 0.01 g also weighs in CT), counting features, RS232 is a 9 PIN mono-directional serial interface with printing data output from 300-9600 baud rate.

Wow! What a great digital price computing scale for the market!

Is there anything that this retail scale doesn’t offer? Rice Lake’s “legal for trade” RS 130 digital price computing scale is ideal for everything from retail candy stores to farmer’s markets. With a 30 lb capacity it is the perfect companion for selling chocolate, fudge, candy and more. Its rechargeable battery-powered operation means true portability for use anywhere! This scale allows you to switch from lbs, kgs, or ounces and will compute customer change for you as well! User-friendly keypad and easy-to-read display take the guesswork out of calculations. The RS 130 works the way you do!

NTEP-certified, Legal-for-Trade, customer display on front/rear of unit, switchable between lb’s, kg’s, or oz’s, internal sealed rechargeable battery included, 8-speed keys for quick price lookups, plus! this scale computes customer change!

So you want to buy a “cheap” floor scale…

Boy, do we hear that all the time! Before you say that, please stop and think about what you’re going to be doing. If you’re going to be weighing light pallets every now and then—sure, you can probably purchase a low cost light weight, light duty floor scale. HOWEVER, if you’re going to be using your floor scale almost every day, setting THOUSANDS of pounds on the scale — you had better be looking at one of our heavy duty GSE Gator platform scales. Otherwise, you’re going to be paying lots of $$$ for costly repairs or new scales pretty often!

GSE Gator Deck Electronic Platform Floor Scales feature TLO design (tangential loadcell orientation) which increases accuracy, heavy duty 1/4″ Diamond Tread Deck Plate, formed steel channels which increase structural integrity, heavy duty 5/8″ load cell plates which assure direct force transfer, NEMA 6P Load Cells and NEMA 4X Junction Box assures great performance in hostile environments, top access to junction box adds convenience and strength vs. slide access junction boxes. The Gator is available in various sizes and capacities and available with several different digital readouts.

We’ve “pinned” down a great scale for wrestling!

For years, WRESTLING TEAM SCALES have been flimsy, abuse-prone, low end health scales which are hard to service, tedious to use, and almost impossible to get sealed by Weights & Measures officials.

Usually during the late Fall, many High School and College booster clubs and Athletic Departments begin looking for replacements. Many Community Centers and Health Clubs have exactly the same problem. When priced against low end health scales, Pennsylvania’s NTEP Approved 6400 Series Wrestling Scales are a great value!

The M6400 Series of Platforms is ideal for this application– priced right, very heavy duty, NTEP to 5000 graduations (most common is 500 x 0.1 lbs), heavy duty enough to take abuse, and highly accurate for fairness and equity in sports or personal fitness.

This blog is going to the dogs…

Well not literally…. Detecto veterinary scales make weighing four-legged patients easy. The Detecto VET-400 is the perfect scale for veterinarians, kennels, labs or anyone handling medium to large size animals.

The removable stainless steel platform makes cleanup fast and easy. Its scale base can be positioned up to 8′ / 2.5m away from the display due to the coiled cable. The indicator features an adjustable mounting bracket for either desk or wall mount convenience. The scale and display are battery powered and have a power-saving automatic sleep mode. Automatic zero tracking maintains the scale at zero while the hold feature retains the displayed weight after the animal is removed.

Make shipping packages fun! (Ok, somewhat fun!)

If you do any shipping on a daily basis like UPS shipping, then you will love the Mettler Toledo PS60 counter top bench scale. Mettler Toledo PS 60 shipping scales are ideal for many weighing applications where only gross weight readings are required… and where economy or system integration is important.

Whether at the receiving or shipping dock; stand-alone or computer-based; in manufacturing or retail; reading lb or kg — you get accurate weighments at an economical price. Best of all the PS60 scale is UPS Worldship™ Software Compatible Scale and comes with a USB and RS232 port and the cables! The scale is NTEP Approved legal for trade system. The scale has Platform Dimensions: 14.2″ deep, 13.8″ wide, 3.5″ high and capacity of 150 x .05 lbs.

Now this is a baby scale!

Designed to be used with the utmost ease, Detecto’s model 6745 can weigh even the most active baby. With step-by-step instructions right on the keypad, there’s never any question about what to do next. The 6745 features lock-in weight ability, built-in battery charger for NiCad or NiMH batteries (15 hours charging time), a locking pin for easily removing the tray for cleaning, and sleep and auto shutoff modes to extend battery life.

Detecto’s model 6745 Digital Baby Scale has a lock-in weight feature which compensates for typical newborn movement. When weight stabilizes, it is “locked in” and displayed. The infant can be removed and its weight is retained. The scale features a built-in battery charger, battery or AC power, a built-in measuring tape, and a large 1.0” high transflective LCD display. Serial output allows the scale to be connected to a printer or PC.

Can I buy you a drink?

The Kilotech KBI-64 Bar Inventory Scale provides a fast, accurate and virtually calculation free inventory of your distilled spirits, cordials and liqueurs. The most accurate method of inventory control in any bar is to determine the total number of fluid ounces in stock. While it is easy to calculate the ounces in full bottles, it is difficult to determine what exactly remains in open bottles to keep precise inventory. With the KBI-64 scale you can calculate exactly what’s left in open bottles up to 64 fl. oz and use the Kilotech inventory sheet for your full and/or open bottles to arrive at an accurate “in stock” inventory. This versatile scale can also weigh parcels up to 160 oz (10 lb). The KBI-64 Bar Inventory Scale will become an essential part of your daily routine and have an important impact on your bottom line.

Time for a “Classic”…

Cardinal Scale, one of the premier scale manufacturers in the entire world, brings you the “ultimate scale combination”. The 135 ton capacity Cardinal EPR is the scale that will exceed your expectations in performance. With over 70 years experience in high capacity scales, you will definitely call the Cardinal truck scale a “classic”. The “classic” package includes:

(1) 13570EPR 70′ 40 Ton CLC Heavy Duty Cardinal EPR Truck Scale
(1) Complete iCan Diagnostic System Designed to Limit Downtime
(1) 788 Programmable Digital Weight Indicator

If you are in the market for a heavy duty reliable truck scale, then you owe it to yourself to check on the Cardinal “classic” truck scale package!

It’s State Fair time again!

You must be thinking, what does the State Fair have to do with a scale blog? Well, a lot if you stop and think about it. Remember the person who stands on practically every corner and guesses people’s weight? What’s that big item behind him? Looks like a scale to me. I’m sure there’s lots of other examples of how scales come into play before, during, and after the fair. (Especially after eating all that food!!!)

But, the real thought I had was a booth that has always been at the fair for as long as I can remember. It has a small 3’x3′ floor scale connected to a digital readout and a printer. However, the digital readout ALWAYS has a piece of cardboard taped over it so no one can see how much weight is on the scale!!!! After each person steps on the scale, the operator presses the print button and each person gets a private “printout” of their weight.

So, todays topic is printers. We have many different ones to choose from. Basically, you have three different types. A ticket printer which is used mostly on truck scales. We also have a tape printer, kind of like the credit card receipts you get at the store. Finally, we have label printers, remember the labels you see on items at the supermarket like special breads or meats that you buy by the pound.