Bench Scales Ideal for Pharmaceutical Packaging

Safety First!

That may be a tired expression, but it rings true in so many industrial settings, including pharmaceutical packaging.

While corporate executives and share holders may be focused on productivity and the scientists with precision, everyone involved – regulatory agencies, the government, warehouse workers, employees at every step of the supply chain, pharmacy technicians, doctors, consumers, and more are all concerned with safety.

pharma scales for accurate weighing

Cross contamination can put lives at risk.

And even just a miscalculation, lapse in judgment, or inferior equipment, can put a business at risk of being heavily fined or even shut down. Companies in the highly-regulated pharmaceutical industry must always be compliant and “audit prepared.”

Pharmacies don’t operate the way they did 100 years ago, when a pharmacist used a pestle and mortar and prepared medicines as needed.

Today, with so many medications available to the public and so much money in big pharma, drug products are almost exclusively mass created and manufactured far from their eventual point of purchase. After being created in a lab, most consumer drug products are bottled, boxed, stored, packaged and shipped from container closure systems.

Pills, ointments, syrups, syringes, inhalers, etc. are packaged, they are counted and weighed using bench scales that are reliably precise, durably built, intuitively operated, and loaded with safety features.

When designing safety assessments for chemical and pharmaceutical packaging operations, leading companies carefully select the highest quality industrial bench scales like the OHAUS Defender.

Many folks just think of Ohaus as a manufacturer of Laboratory Balances like the Explorer or Scout. But, they also manufacture a complete line of industrial scales like floor scales, counting scales and bench scales, like the Defender 5000.

Defender 5000 for Pharma Packaging

The Defender 5000 Series Bench Scales are designed to simplify demanding industrial applications, including production, packaging, inventory, and shipping.

Multifunctional Defender 5000 meets the weighing and measurement needs of a broad range of manufacturing processes and industrial applications, including Parts Counting with APW optimization, Check Weighing or Check Counting, Percent Weighing, Filling, and Dynamic Weighing or Display Hold. With so many application modes, Defender eliminates the need for long and complicated manual calculations.

Durable Defender 5000 scales are built to withstand the rigors of warehouse work with a 304-grade stainless steel platform, powder-coated steel frame, and aluminum load cell that are all easy to clean and sterilize. Available washdown models are designed to withstand high pressure cleaning. Defender meets NTEP & Measurement Canada type approvals.

The user-friendly Defender 5000 features an alpha-numeric keypad with SoftKeys, large backlit display, and plain text on-screen prompts to guide you through operation. Defender 5000’s large transflective dot matrix display makes results easy to read, even in bright sunlight. The SmarText 3.0 interface guides you through advanced features, reducing training time for operators and simplifying setup.

Available Defender 5000 floor and tabletop models feature a range of platform sizes and weighing capacities to support your needs. Call (919) 776-7737 or complete our RFQ form on our website for additional info on the Ohaus bench scale lineup.

Livestock Scales for Weighing Pigs

Pig scales allow producers to measure piglet litter weights and/or sort grown hogs for market. Knowing the real weight of your pigs also assists with being able to load your truck or trailer correctly. We have several types of scales for weighing pigs.

The Brecknell PS1000 general purpose floor scale has become quite a hit with our agricultural customers, and some industrial customers. The scale took the old idea of the VD1000 animal scales but brought it in at an affordable price. 

This Brecknell PS-1000 fits several applications perfectly – 4H participants can weight their animals up to 1000 pounds. Food rationing can be done using the weight divisions of 0.5 lbs; and last – the scale can be used in industrial applications for drum weighing, shipping weights, and any other general purpose tasks needing an accurate weight! 

The pig scale operates on four (4) AAA batteries or 6 VDC, 500mA adapter, both included. Includes a digital weight indicator with black plastic bracket for wall or stand mounting. Scale weighs around 65 lbs w/ 2 easy access carry handles which make scale convenient to relocate. No need for ramps or recessed floors, as this unit comes with ramped ends. The dimensions of the scale platform are 55.75″ (L) x 20.25″ (W) x 2.5″ (H).

livestock scale for weighing pigs

We think you are going to really like the affordably priced WeighSouth VS-2501 Vet Scale. This stylish animal scale offers functionality and heavy duty design. The VS-2501 features a large easy to clean stainless steel platform with four load cells underneath. The 43″ x 20″ scale platform is factory calibrated to the digital weight indicator for immediate use once the scale is received. In fact, we’re often asked what is our favorite vet scale or to provide a review of certain choices and this is usually the favorite choice of most.

The indicator features a heavy duty metal enclosure with large LED digits making it very easy to read. Place the indicator on a desk top or mounted on a wall with the included hardware.

Why settle for some “no name” pig scale when you can have this VS-2501 industrial strength digital scale! Weighing small to large animals you cannot beat the quality and construction of the WeighSouth VS-2501 Veterinary Scale. While these types of products are often thought of as floor scales for dogs, the large 43” x 20” stainless steel platform is large enough for Lamas and Alpacas, yet small and accurate enough for the smallest breeds of dogs, sheep, goats, hogs, nursery pigs, and many more varieties of livestock. The scale operates on either AC Adapter or internal rechargeable battery. The livestock scale for weighing pigs includes a removable non-skid rubber mat to ensure extra grip for animals to keep them from slipping when stepping on or standing on the scale.

The AWB40-5K Weigh Bars Set of (2) load bars calibrated with digital weight indicator is a versatile scale system. These are probably the finest in the industry both in performance and quality. It includes 2 complete weigh bars, 2 quick disconnect cables, and one stainless steel indicator with internal battery.

These AWB weigh bars are virtually watertight with sealing at the end of the bar as well as the feet. There are quick disconnect steel braided cables on both ends to make service a snap.  These have feet that are 6 1/4″, galvanized, and can be mounted (if the customer desires) with cement bolts provided. We have been recommending and selling weigh bars for years and have finally designed what many feel are the very best available. These are ideal for building your own weighing system. Great for alleyway, squeeze chutes and more.

We also have other scales available for weighing animals such as hogs, sheep, and small cattle. For example, these scales feature small wheels on one end for easy moving, 4 sturdy rubber feet provide traction and stability, cage, base frame, and tread plate bottom made entirely of aluminum, outward opening door on both short sides; both operable from one side with built-in 33” high side rails. Call (919) 776-7737 or complete our RFQ form for details.