I need a scale that computes price per pound and prints a label…

We hear this request a lot from our customers. One of the most reliable choices over the years has to be the CAS Corporation LP1000. The CAS LP-1000 Thermal Label Printing Scale was designed specifically for the food service environment where you need to pre-pack and price items. Available in either a Model A, B, or C, the CAS LP 1000 is perfect for your deli or grocery.

With 54 preset Pricing keys and the flexibility to choose the number of PLU’s and characters of product description you need (models A, B, or C), you can pre-program your items, prices, and ingredients into the scale, thus reducing errors and giving the consumer the information they require. Optional pole display (model LP-1000R) is also available, as well as cases of labels.

Ready, Set, HIKE!!!

It’s that time of the year again — Football season!  Anticipation is extremely high for players, fans, etc… as everyone looks forward to having a successful 2006-2007 season. One of the tools that athletic departments need from junior high, to high school, college, and professional football is a nice weighing scale.

Coaches and athletic trainers are always trying to keep an eye on players health and weight.  Having a reliable scale is a must. Also, think about when you read about your favorite team in a preseason publication or in a game program, you usually see the player’s weights listed. Scales are an important part of sports. We offer several different types of weigh scales, perfect for athletics. A lot of folks choose the old and trusty physician mechanical scale.  Others like the idea of a portable system that they can carry or easily move from location to location.  We’ve also seen departments buy scales with handrails to ease the entry/exit of the weigh platform.  Finally, the standard digital scale system.

These aren’t the only scales we offer — but they are good scales that have proven to be reliable choices in the past. Be sure to get your team going the right “weigh” today!