Popular Truck Scale Accessories to Consider

Quality truck scale accessories increase efficiencies and optimize the flow of trucks in and out of your plant.

Knowing exactly which truck scale accessories will complement your current operations can help you better select an overall truck scale system and manufacturer. Refer to your site planning flow map to see where an accessory can speed up processes and reduce the risk of human error.

Always consider the space an accessory will need prior to installing your truck scale system to ensure the best truck maneuverability and flow.

Accessories include attended and automated ticketing kiosks, remote displays, traffic signals, printers, guiderails and more.

Guide Rails
Guiderails offer drivers protection against accidental drive-offs.

Many suppliers offer guiderails…. make sure you examine the designs of each with your scale supplier closely, including the shape and strength of the rail.

Some guiderails have open-ended rails, while others are sealed or plugged with an end cap. Open-ended rails can accumulate debris and moisture, and guiderails plugged with an end cap can corrode from the inside if moisture seeps past the cap.

Caps with a welded seal offer the best protection, keeping debris and moisture build-up out of the rail.

Truck Scale Accessories

Automated Ticketing Kiosks
From RFID truck identification to load assignment, weighing and ticketing, unattended automated ticketing kiosks optimize truck traffic and improve safety by keeping drivers behind the wheel. Many manufacturers’ kiosks can integrate with your central office and accounting systems.

Printers and Printer Kiosks
Printers and printer kiosks improve more than just speed and accuracy. Many printer kiosk systems offer state-of-the-art features like RFID, vehicle recognition and durable weatherproof designs.

Truck Scale Data Management
Truck scale data management software can print tickets or reports, as well as store information to a central database.

Data management software enhances the functionality of automated ticketing kiosks by providing advanced data management and reporting capabilities. Most software systems are adaptable to a wide variety of industries and are compatible with many popular operating systems, streamlining your scale house or front office operations with your truck scale.

Most manufacturers’ software allows you to generate reports, often broken down by a number of variables including customer, hauler, truck, product and vendor.

Remote Displays
Whether you need to see weight readouts up close or messages at a distance, remote displays light up information to increase efficiency and provide direction to drivers. Many remote displays are customizable and feature stop/go red and green signal lights.

Traffic Stop Lights
Industrial-strength stop lights professionally communicate the universal stop/go red and green signals at a distance, speeding up scale traffic and eliminating congestion.

Barrier Gates
Barrier gates block access at the entry or exit of your truck scale. Most gates are electronically controlled to open or close after a designated action is taken.

Intercomp HH400 Handheld Indicator Now Available

Intercomp Scales continues its history of continuous innovation and product improvement with the latest update to their HH400™ Handheld Indicator.

INTERCOMP HH400 now available

Previously known as the TL-RFX™ Indicator, it was the go-to choice for Intercomp’s TL™ Series Tension Link Scales. Now with added features such as output to RFX™ enabled wireless printers, memory storage, and RS232 output, the HH400™ Handheld Indicator available from Central Carolina Scale is ideal for monitoring and controlling CS™ and TL™ Series Crane and Tension Link Scales, as well as PT™ and LP™ Portable Wheel Load Scales from up to 300′ (90m).

With three display modes, it allows simultaneous viewing of data from up to four scales from a large, graphic display in an IP65 ergonomically designed housing. These state-of-the-industry features make this NTEP certified indicator an ideal solution for any weighing application requiring remote monitoring and control of up to four scales.

intercomp scales hh400 hand held weight readout

Additionally, an industry standard for wireless weight monitoring, Intercomp’s “Handheld Weighing Indicator,” has also been renamed the HH60™ Handheld Indicator. A proven indicator for applications requiring the monitoring of up to six scales, it also features memory storage with a RS232 port for data transfer, is capable of controlling scale functions remotely, and is NTEP certified providing users a choice between handheld wireless indicators.

Other wireless indicator options available from Intercomp include IntercompWeigh™ Software, PT20™ self-enclosed CPU, and apps to control and monitor scales from iPhone®, iPod® and iPad®.

Intercomp Company is an ISO 9001:2008 registered weighing and measurement solutions manufacturer based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota with offices in the United States and the United Kingdom, proudly serving the Industrial, Racing, ITS/Enforcement, Aviation, Military, Agriculture, and Mining and Aggregate industries worldwide.

Central Carolina Scale, Inc located in Sanford, NC has been in business over three decades and its employees have over 90 years of combined experience in weighing equipment sales and service but even with all that experience, the staff still trains regularly via both on the job training and factory supplied training. This one of the reasons why Central Carolina Scale has firmly established itself as a leader in the scale industry.

It’s also one of the reasons that many of the top scale manufacturers in the United States like Rice Lake Weighing Systems, Cardinal Scale Manufacturing, Doran Scales, Intercomp, and Avery Weigh-Tronix rely on Central Carolina Scale to distribute and service their scale equipment. Contact the sales department, (919) 776-7737 or visit centralcarolinascale.com

Remote Displays and Scoreboards For Truck Scales Are Becoming Standard Items Lately

Customers are discovering that adding a remote display to your weighing operations allows the scale operator, truck driver, customer, or anyone else nearby to see the weight displayed. A nice choice for displays is the Survivor Laserlight from Rice Lake. Power up a SURVIVOR® LaserLight remote display or an M-Series messaging display in your application and the benefits of its bright, high-intensity display and non-glare lens are immediately visible. From a fog concealed truck scale, to the smoke and dust of a foundry
or steel mill, the LaserLight’s LED display provides sharp, easy to read images of your critical weight process values. You’ll never experience wash-out in direct sunlight or lose visibility in dark conditions again, because the LaserLight uses an IntelliBright™ sensing
feature that automatically adjusts the display for optimal viewing in any lighting condition.

With the LaserLight M-Series messaging remote display, you can easily slide, scroll or flash any alphanumeric message. Perfect for showing important information, displaying instructions, or any general greeting, the M-Series is available with an 8 character or 12 character display.

Emitted light enhances maximum viewing distance from 70˚ vertical axis and 140˚ horizontal axis. All models come with annunciators for GR, NT, lb, and kg. For added convenience, optional time and date, and temperature functions are also available.
The light gray, heat resistant enclosure is smartly designed with a sloped top to ensure moisture run-off. Conveniently located setup and navigation switches allow for easy configuration of the unit. To simplify installation and make retrofitting an attractive option, the Auto Learn mode identifies the communications format and data rate used by your weight indicator to make installation quick and easy. The SURVIVOR® LaserLight remote display… providing crisp, accurate weight readings to ensure your process is always moving forward.

Easy Way To Stop Complaints About Scale Indication, Short Weight, etc…

Every now and then we read about a few concerns in the industry regarding things like short weights, customers not being able to see scale indication, customer not being allowed to leave their vehicle to see the scale indicator or companies not allowing customers in the back room or warehouse to witness the weighing or measuring operation.These are important concerns when it comes to selling or buying items by the pound. Fortunately, there is a pretty easy solution for these issues and it is called a remote display. The remote display which is sometimes called a scoreboard too, is really just a big display that you mount in clear view so everyone can see it. The display basically shows whatever weight the digital weighing indicator is showing.

The XR Series remote displays from Avery Weigh-Tronix offer a choice of four numeric displays with 2 inch, 4.5 inch or 6.5 inch digits and two alphanumeric displays with 3.5 inch or 4 inch digits. The high intensity (Precision Optical Performance) red LED lamps create a display that is clearly visible in all indoor or outdoor light conditions including direct sunlight. The advanced Auto-Learn technology allows simple plug-and-play operation with virtually any indicator or PC. A durable, weather-tight enclosure protects the XR Series in harsh environments. Standard features include six digits, four annunciators for GR (gross), NT (net), lb, kg and decimal points indication. All models are ready for the easy to-install RF option for wireless communication.

Super Bright LED Display
High quality display is clearly visible in any lighting condition. Ambient light sensor automatically adjusts display brightness for night and day. Highly efficient LEDs virtually never need replacement and lower energy costs.

Auto-Learn Technology
Connect the remote to virtually any instrument and it will automatically learn the data string and communicate, reducing set-up time.

Integrated Traffic Light
Built-in red/green traffic light on XR 4500TL (only). No need to install a separate traffic light.

Easy Servicability
The electronics carriage is easy to remove and service outside of the enclosure without demounting.

Mirrored Display Mode
For units that will be viewed in rear-view or side-view mirrors.

Time and Date Display
Standard feature on all units except XR 2000. Time and date will display during periods of scale inactivity.

External Keypad
Easy to change settings or adjust time and date without opening the unit. No internal dip switches or jumper wires to mess with.

The options available for this series of displays is listed below.

Wireless RF Option
As simple as plugging a module into the controller board inside the display and adding a base unit to the indicator.

Visor Option
Visor provides additional level of protection against the elements.

Pole Mount Kit Option
Convenient bracket system that can be attached to various pole sizes and shapes.

Temperature Option
Easy to add probe at bottom of unit for temperature sensing, which can be displayed during periods of scale inactivity.

GSE 1700 remote display offers versatility

The new high intensity model GSE 1700 remote display offers versatility not available in competitive displays. You can display any type of information an application requires. The messages and weight data displayed are programmed into the weight indicator and can be configured to change as application variables change.

EXAMPLE: A scrolling message is displayed “Drive on Scale”…. A truck drives on the scale and the scrolling message changes to “Move Forward Slowly” … The truck activates a photo-eye sensor and the message changes to “STOP” … The weight is displayed, recorded by the indicator and the message changes to “Weigh Complete” … Any message or weight data can be displayed for Truck Scales, Batching Systems, Tank and Vessel Weighing, Shipping and Receiving applications.

Remote Display to show weights and messages…

RICE LAKE SURVIVOR LaserLight M Series remote display features a super-bright LED display and a non-glare filtered lens, the LaserLight M remote display is clearly visible—even in direct sunlight. The unique IntelliBright™ feature uses a photo sensor to read ambient light to automatically adjust the LaserLight’s display intensity between day and night settings. IntelliBright prevents random switching of the display brightness from headlights or lightning through a time and light intensity comparison.

Remote Display options galore!

If you need a remote display, take a look at the Cardinal line-up. We think you’ll find several outstanding options you can use. Cardinal’s giant SB-500 remote display has a 5″ (127 mm) high weight display, with each digit consisting of up to 24 segments for greater readability. The high intensity LED is viewable in direct sunlight with a viewing angle of +/- 70 degrees. The weatherproof enclosure meets IP65 requirements and incorporates mounting tabs allowing it to be mounted on a vertical surface.

The interface can autolearn most serial protocols. One custom protocol can be entered into the unit. The interface is configurable for serial data input as either an active or passive 20mA current loop, RS-232 or RS422/485, and also has the connectivity options of fiber optic and ethernet. The Cardinal SB-500 has annunciators of lb, kg, T, t, G, and N (if output from indicator). The SB-500 and SB-500M enclosure is painted mild steel, and the SB-500S comes in stainless steel. For message board capabilities, Cardinal offers the model SB-500M.

SUPER BRIGHT Remote Displays are here!

If you want a SUPER BRIGHT red display for your scale system, the Rice Lake Survivor Laser Light Remote Display is your answer. ****Warning: If you stand within arms length of this display, you will need to wear sunglasses, or deal with the consequences!****

Seriously, this display is really nice. Featuring a super-bright LED display and a non-glare filtered lens, the LaserLight remote display is clearly visible—even in direct sunlight. The unique IntelliBright™ feature uses a photo sensor to read ambient light to automatically adjust the LaserLight’s display intensity between day and night settings. IntelliBright prevents random switching of the display brightness from headlights or lightning through a time and light intensity comparison.

The LaserLight is available in 4″ and 6″ digit sizes and features annunciators for gross, net, lb, and kg.

The LaserLight’s configuration menu is entered via setup and navigation switches and is displayed on the front panel for easy configuration of the unit. Standard RS-232, 20 mA and RS-485 communications