New Harvester® Precast Concrete Agricultural TRUCK SCALES

Cardinal’s new NTEP certified Harvester® precast concrete truck scales come with some eye-popping prices in terms of economic value for agricultural weighing. Engineered specifically for light-duty use on farms with less than 3,000 acres, the Harvester® truck scales feature patent-pending, factory-poured concrete decks with high tensile strength and optimal deck weights. The PSC series features Cardinal’s model CBC stainless steel compression load cells which are NTEP certified.

We think you’ll find that full-length truck scale pricing like this is exceptionally affordable for the farmer who might not have purchased a truck scale otherwise. Optional guide rails for the Harvester® are available as well.

Please note: Harvester® truck scales are not designed for applications outside of light-duty weighing use on farms with less than 3,000 acres. Other heavier-duty type applications outside of these parameters are not acceptable at this time.

New Type Of Load Cell Cable Available

For scales requiring additional pest control, a uniquely coated load cell cable is now available. The EL147RP Plus load cell cable from Rice Lake Weighing Systems comes with an additional chemical layer that is distasteful to rodents.

load cell cable

A traditional braided copper exterior is a strong deterrent, but with the extra layer, appropriately named “NAW” chemical coating, users will receive the added benefit of a repellent. The chemical layer is not a poison, but rather a deterrent that protects the cable’s integrity from potentially damaging pests. If this is a common problem for your truck scale it might be worth trying some of this cable. Ideal for truck and railroad track scales.