Scale Requirements for Buying Gold

From time to time, someone will contact us looking to start a business buying back gold jewelry from customers. With the price of gold recently it’s becoming more popular than ever. However, there are some real important things to consider. The scale being used to weigh the gold needs to be a precise and accurate scale. In many states, that means the scale used for weighing gold needs to be NTEP approved legal for trade.

For example, in the state of Michigan, the following information is listed on their website regarding buying and selling precious metals. See more at,4610,7-125-1569_19192_21233-233502–,00.html

The Office of Weights and Measures has received numerous inquiries from local authorities responsible for issuing licenses, and individuals buying and selling gold from retail or residential locations. Operators of businesses buying and selling such commodities by weight in the State of Michigan must comply with the requirements of the Michigan Weights and Measures Law, Public Act 283 of 1964 as amended. Business operators must also check with local authorities for specific requirements of local ordinances and licensing requirements that apply. State Law requires that all commercial transactions conducted, based upon a determined weight, must be conducted with the use of an approved scale.  Below is a summary of the basic requirements for all commercial weighing and measuring devices (scales/meters).


  • Scale used is Class II or Class III, NTEP (National Type Evaluation Program) approved (legal for trade)
  • Scale used is tested onsite prior to use by an approved Michigan Registered Agency (third party) or a State Weights and Measures Official
  • A Placed in Service Report and a test report for the device are submitted to the Office of Weights and Measures Continue reading

What Scales Are Supported by UPS Worldship?

Updated April 2022

We get this question quite often, so straight from the UPS website, here is what they list as the supported scales that connect to their Worldship software. We actually use Worldship software and the Mettler Toledo PS60 in our shipping department and it works great.

If you purchase a scale these days, the PS60 is no longer available, so you will want to look at the Mettler Toledo BC60 instead.  The BC-60 is available with a flat top platter or balltop design so you can roll boxes right off the scale.  The MT BC 60 scale has a 150 lb capacity.

recommended scales for UPS Worldship software

Our scale connects to the computer and the weight is displayed on the computer screen. So whenever we ship a package, we just place the box on the scale and the weight automatically displays on the scale and on the computer screen. This eliminates the task of having to manually type the weight into the software. We offer most of the Continue reading