Can I Buy An American Made Load Cell?

You know we get asked this question usually about once every three months so we figured that we’d throw together a quick write up on the blog to give you an answer to the question.

And that question is, can I buy a Made in the USA load cell?

The answer is……


american made load cell

We also have a wide variety of Made in the USA load cells from Artech Industries.  They are based in California and build just about every type of load cell that you can imagine in their Riverside, California load cell factory.  Artech Industries is a major supplier of strain gauge load cells / force transducers for a wide variety of industrial and OEM applications. They rely on proven engineering innovations, careful manufacturing and quality control procedures have built an enviable reputation and record of performance since 1985.

We know that buying Made in America weighing products is important to many of our customers and we appreciate your loyalty and share your enthusiasm for Made in the USA equipment. If this is important to you please let us know before we process a quote or before we provide service on your scales. The reason we say this is many times when we are asked to quote on scales or parts we often choose the best overall product (price/durability) and often that is an imported item. So, if Made in the USA is very important to you, let us know and we would be happy to quote you an American Made scale or load cell if we can.

Amazing What Some Folks Will Do Just To Make A Sale

We were told this week by one of our long time customers that he was “informed” by one of our local competitors that our company was now owned by someone else. In essence this competitor was trying to place some doubt in the customers mind. That is the second time in the past few months that we’ve heard of this taking place.

For the record Central Carolina Scale, Inc is still owned by the same person as it has been for over thirty years. So why would someone from a local competing company knowingly tell one of our customers something different?

  • Perhaps one of our competitors is tired of losing service business to us?
  • Perhaps one of our competitors is tired of losing sales to us?
  • Perhaps one of our competitors is tired of his customers leaving?
  • Perhaps one of our competitors is just misinformed?

We’re not sure what the issue is with this competitor. We hope it is just an honest mistake. The fact is, we have always tried to work with our competitors because inevitably what comes around goes around in this business. One week we will need a manual and the next week one of our competitors will need one.  That’s just how it always seems to go in the scale business. By working together we help each other keep their respective customer happy. It is a strategy that has worked for years and will continue to do so.

Hopefully, this company or individual who is telling companies incorrect information will learn from this mistake. Meanwhile, we will continue to sell only the best scales and weighing equipment and provide outstanding scale repair and calibrations. We also rent scales too. We appreciate your business!