Merry Christmas!

Everyone at Central Carolina Scale, Inc. wishes all of you a very Merry Christmas and we hope that you and yours have a wonderful holiday season and also that you will take time to reflect on the many blessings that we all take for granted every single day.

REMEMBER — Christmas is the Christian holiday that celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ, The Son of God. It has, however, become extremely over commercialized by the American shopping malls/stores and is celebrated as much by the secular population, as by the retail industry who thrive because of it.

Christmas is one of the holiest of calendar days in the church year for Christians, as we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, God’s Son who came in the flesh, to save sinners from a life apart from God. Through the sacrifice of Christ’s life; 32 years later, mankind would have the ability to be forgiven by God for sin as well as the promise of receiving eternal life after death.

A popular digital crane scale…

We’ve had quite a few customer’s contact us looking for the CAS NC-1 Battery Operated Digital Crane Scale. It is most likely because this economical digital crane scale packs a lot into a small crane scale. The NC-1 features: Battery Operation w/ Low Battery Indication, Standard AC Adapter, Weatherproof Cast Aluminum Case, On/Off, Zero, Tare, and kg/lb, Easy to Read LCD Displays w/ Backlight Feature, Auto Zero Tracking, and Wireless Remote Control

Hmm, I need a new checkweigher? Better go with a Doran!

When people think of digital checkweighers, they almost always think of the Doran 4200 Digital Washdown Checkweigher. Programming via the water resistant touch panel makes setup fast, easy, and accurate. Bright color coded Over, Under & Accept checkweigh indicators. Store or recall up to twenty product tares and over/under tolerance values with a touch of the Product Button.

The Digibar feature allows the user to monitor weights precisely, as each LED indicator light illuminates independently. Doran’s exclusive software filter provides stable weights in less than one second. Displays in lb, kg, oz, or lb&oz. Bright red LED displays. Washdown Safe, All Electronic, NTEP Certified, Standard 2 Year Warranty.

Come on! Be an Adventurer…

The Ohaus Adventurer Pro family combines unsurpassed value with solid reliability. Adventurer Pro balances are affordable, accurate and easy to use for all of your basic weighing needs. The Adventurer Pro family offers capacities ranging from 51g to 8100g.

The Ohaus Adventurer PRO precision balance is the latest in the Adventurer line of Precision Balances. Designed for use in laboratory, industrial or education applications, the Ohaus Adventurer Pro continues the tradition set by the original Ohaus Adventurer series. Featuring easy-to-use four-button operation with intuitive man-machine interface, a new 2-line brilliant backlit display, multiple weighing units, seven application modes, and RS232 connectivity, the Adventurer Pro is the precision balance for all your needs!

Digital Price Computing Scale w/ Column…

The CAS AP-1 Electronic Weight Scale manufactured by CAS Corporation are now available at Central Carolina Scale. The CAS AP-1 comes fully equipped with a stainless steel platter, tower display with front and rear vacuum florescent displays (VFD), 28 “hot shot” keys for quick lookup, auto span adjustment, auto zero tracking, zero and tare display designators and flush mount keypad. These top selling electronic scales come with standard features normally found only in higher priced scales.

The AP-1 features: 200 Total PLU’s, 28 Preset Keys, TARE, TARE SAVE, PREPACK, ADD+TOTAL Features, Auto Span Calibration, Total / Weight / Unit Price, 6 / 5 / 6 Digits, 1/2 + 1/4 Keys Where Legal, “NTEP” Approved, Legal For Trade

Sturdy, but lightweight wheel chair scale

Detecto 6550 Folding Portable Wheelchair Scale is the ideal choice for clinics or hospitals looking to easily weigh wheel chair bound patients. This sturdy, but lightweight, scale offers a wide range of versatility. It can be used with wheelchairs, straight-legged chairs or as a stand-on scale, and its sloped ramps offer versatility by allowing loading from either side. The 6550’s vertical fold-up feature and heavy-duty wheels contribute to its ease of mobility and lack of needed storage space.

With the Detecto 6550 Folding Portable Wheelchair Digital Scale, tare weight may be either preset or keyed in directly and the patient’s weight is automatically displayed. The digital display makes it easy to view from wide angles. The large, easily accessed weighing platform and low angle ramps make the 6550 ideal for patient comfort and security.

Pennsylvania 6600 Floor Scales

You have to browse information on the Pennsylvania MODEL 6600 FLOOR SCALE … Built Tough For Harsh Real World Applications – THOUSANDS OF SATISFIED CUSTOMERS. Mild Steel and Stainless Steel Models Available. Be sure to use with a Pennsylvania 7400+, 7500+, 7600+ or 7600E Indicator for a Complete Scale System. Look at the features below:

· 20’ cable standard with Quick Disconnect
· Available from 500 to 40,000 LB capacities and in sizes from 24” X 24” to 96” X 144” In Powder coated Steel, Painted Steel and Stainless Steel
· Designed for Portable, Pit (recessed in-floor), or On-Floor applications – Permanent or Temporary installations
· Optional pit frames, pit spacers (for formed pits), Loading Ramps

STOP! Don’t buy another cheap throw away digital portion scale that won’t last!

The days of buying the ultra cheap throw away portion scale are over! Take a look at the Doran PC400 Digital Portion Control Scale. Rugged – The PC-400 includes our field proven, exclusive “Quad Spring” base design that virtually eliminates damage from shock and overload. AC/DC – The choice is yours – use the AC plug-in power adapter, or the included internal rechargeable battery for portability. Easy to Clean – The case and removable platter are constructed of food grade 304 Stainless Steel. Wipe down safe, do not spray or immerse. Capacities: 2, 5, 10, & 20 lbs (5,10,20 are NTEP).