Can I Buy An American Made Digital Weight Indicator?

Quite often a customer will contact us looking to buy a scale. Often they will have a list of features that they’re looking for, most of which we are able to accommodate.  It could be that they need a large size floor scale or maybe they need a scale to be extremely accurate. Or maybe they need a scale that can connect to their computer system via USB or ethernet cable.

doran 7000xlm weight meter

However there is one question about digital weighing indicators that makes us stop and think for a few seconds. Can I buy a Made in the USA digital weight readout for my scale? You see many of our favorite U.S. scale manufacturers actually import their digital indicators.

So as of today the best choices we can come up with for true Made in the USA quality when it comes to digital weight indicators would be the following:

  • Pennsylvania Scale 7600
  • Doran Scales 7000XLM
  • Cambridge CSW-10

The Pennsylvania 7600E is a really nice indicator for truck scale customers who are looking for a nice indicator that has many great features but doesn’t cost a fortune.  The Cambridge CSW-10 is an entry level basic indicator that is great for simple weighing applications.

So there you have it. If you are serious about finding made in the U.S.A. scale equipment we can provide that for you. It may be a little tough to find sometimes and it may cost a little more than the chinese imported products but in most cases we can get you a MADE IN THE USA weighing product.