Overload protection

As is the case quite often — a lot of the topics we discuss here originate from our customers.  Just recently I received a question about overload protection on our floor scales.  Apparently a lot of the “internet specials” that are flooding the web lately like to advertise they have “200% overload” protection, plus somehow with all the “toughness” they have built into their scales, they can sell their scales at super low prices and offer free freight on these “heavy duty” monsters.  Wow, we need these internet guys to run for office — there is nothing they can’t do or say! (or write for that matter)

Here at CCS, we stick to whatever the manufacturer specs are because most, if not all, of our floor scales don’t have those 200% specifications. GSE specs do currently list overload protection for their floor scales at 200%. However, most of our floor scales have somewhere around 60% to 100%, which should be plenty.  This number really depends greatly on the manufacturer, the product structure, and the component quality in the scale.