Nice line of printers now available from CCS

The Datamax Ex2 printer combines the latest technology with affordable pricing in a small package. This printer is positioning itself as the standard in the entry-level thermal printer market. Datamax has combined powerful performance with a 32-bit multi-tasking processor with two megabytes of memory and serial, parallel, and USB communications.

Unique engineering has achieved a compact footprint by incorporating the communications interface and power connection under the printer. Limited space is not an issue for the Ex2. This printer is perfect for all your low to medium volume printing applications. With huge value and performance packaged in such a small printer, the Datamax Ex2 is the most economical thermal printer available.

Nice heavy duty crane scale now available

Chatillon DWT Digital Crane Scales — rugged, battery powered crane scales offer the latest in easy-to-use digital technology. DWT Series are highly accurate and display results in a large 1-inch LCD format for quick observation. Pushbutton controls on the scale front panel and optional handheld remote control simplifies operation, letting the user turn power on/off or reset the scale zero.

A patented electronic design creates exceptionally low power consumption allowing for up to one year of continuous use without having to change batteries (varies depending on use). An automatic shutoff feature further extends battery life by monitoring surrounding light conditions and turning the scale off if the ambient light prevents reading the display. Scale features automatic zero tracking to ensure proper weighing results during temperature changes or dust accumulation on the load receiving element. Scales are furnished with a fixed lifting eye and bottom safety swivel hook.

You make the call — throw away or A REAL FISHING SCALE

“I’m looking for an inexpensive fishing scale for my club” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard this! Without a doubt, we at Central Carolina Scale have the BEST digital fishing scales on the market! No, they are not cheap. Yes, some clubs run and hide when they hear the price! Like we say on our site…YOU MAKE THE CALL — keep buying throw away office scales every year or STEP UP and buy a FISHING TOURNAMENT SCALE!

The Tournament Series is a washdown safe, stainless steel scale with large weigh platform. Best of all, the weight LOCKS in on the display! The Doran Classic Series also features the weight LOCK. Both of these are OUTSTANDING choices. Both are NTEP legal for trade and both have internal rechargeable battery available. Large remote displays are also available to allow the audience a great view of the weigh in.

One note to think about…each state’s laws vary but it’s probably a really good idea to have your tournament scale certified by your department of weights and measures to ensure you’re using a certified NTEP legal for trade scale system at any fishing tournament where money is used as an award. Fortunately, both of these scales are easily certified since they’re NTEP approved.