Economical Balance — perfect for industrial environments…

Economical balances are always available at Central Carolina Scale. You have to take a look at the UWE model JW SERIES PRECISION BALANCE. This balance features Precision Counting, Multiple Weighing Units, Percent Weighing, 50,000 Divisions, 24 Bit Processor & RS232C Interface for Computer Connection.

The JW balance is a Low profile, compact size – Uses less counter space. The balance has Built-in rechargeable battery power. External power adapter included – Portability -Battery lasts a minimum of 100 hours (without backlight). Motion filter for zero and weighing – Enables weighing in poor environments. The Wide angle LCD display and backlight Can be seen from a wide viewing range and in poor lighting conditions. RS232C interface with keyboard selectable baud rate – Connects to computers. 1 Million internal divisions – For high accuracy.
Easy to use parts counting program – Less time to train operators, fewer mistakes. Protection cover – Guards against damage.