Survivor Truck Scales

Rice Lake Weighing SURVIVOR EZ Steel Deck Flattop Truck Scale Built with more steel than other truck scales currently available, the SURVIVOR EZ steel deck truly sets itself apart as the toughest truck scale on earth. Featuring a 12.5-inch-thick steel weighbridge, the SURVIVOR EZ is certified by an independent PE to deliver exceptional performance for at least 2 million weighments! Under legal highway loads, the SURVIVOR EZ weighbridge deflects less than 1:850.

In addition, it stands at an overall height of 20inches, providing a large and easily accessible clean out. With an up to 14-foot-wide loading area it delivers greater safety and faster processing, allowing your operation to run at full potential. In order to meet the growing need for flexibility, the SURVIVOR EZ incorporates a modular design that is expandable. As traffic patterns change or your business grows, it can be relocated easily and quickly.