Easy Way To Stop Complaints About Scale Indication, Short Weight, etc…

Every now and then we read about a few concerns in the industry regarding things like short weights, customers not being able to see scale indication, customer not being allowed to leave their vehicle to see the scale indicator or companies not allowing customers in the back room or warehouse to witness the weighing or measuring operation.These are important concerns when it comes to selling or buying items by the pound. Fortunately, there is a pretty easy solution for these issues and it is called a remote display. The remote display which is sometimes called a scoreboard too, is really just a big display that you mount in clear view so everyone can see it. The display basically shows whatever weight the digital weighing indicator is showing.

The XR Series remote displays from Avery Weigh-Tronix offer a choice of four numeric displays with 2 inch, 4.5 inch or 6.5 inch digits and two alphanumeric displays with 3.5 inch or 4 inch digits. The high intensity (Precision Optical Performance) red LED lamps create a display that is clearly visible in all indoor or outdoor light conditions including direct sunlight. The advanced Auto-Learn technology allows simple plug-and-play operation with virtually any indicator or PC. A durable, weather-tight enclosure protects the XR Series in harsh environments. Standard features include six digits, four annunciators for GR (gross), NT (net), lb, kg and decimal points indication. All models are ready for the easy to-install RF option for wireless communication.

Super Bright LED Display
High quality display is clearly visible in any lighting condition. Ambient light sensor automatically adjusts display brightness for night and day. Highly efficient LEDs virtually never need replacement and lower energy costs.

Auto-Learn Technology
Connect the remote to virtually any instrument and it will automatically learn the data string and communicate, reducing set-up time.

Integrated Traffic Light
Built-in red/green traffic light on XR 4500TL (only). No need to install a separate traffic light.

Easy Servicability
The electronics carriage is easy to remove and service outside of the enclosure without demounting.

Mirrored Display Mode
For units that will be viewed in rear-view or side-view mirrors.

Time and Date Display
Standard feature on all units except XR 2000. Time and date will display during periods of scale inactivity.

External Keypad
Easy to change settings or adjust time and date without opening the unit. No internal dip switches or jumper wires to mess with.

The options available for this series of displays is listed below.

Wireless RF Option
As simple as plugging a module into the controller board inside the display and adding a base unit to the indicator.

Visor Option
Visor provides additional level of protection against the elements.

Pole Mount Kit Option
Convenient bracket system that can be attached to various pole sizes and shapes.

Temperature Option
Easy to add probe at bottom of unit for temperature sensing, which can be displayed during periods of scale inactivity.