Stretch Wrap Machine With Scale

If you’re shipping pallets loaded with smaller boxes then the chances are you’re using some type of shrink wrap or stretch wrap to keep the smaller boxes on the pallet. Some smaller companies use a stretch wrap roll and manually¬†walk around the pallet themselves. However, many larger companies or¬†organizations that ship out quite a few pallets typically use a stretch wrap machine to accomplish this task.

One issue that can take place during this process is obtaining a pallet weight. Often the pallet has to be wrapped with stretch wrap and then moved over to the floor scale to obtain a weight. Now you can imagine if this happens multiple times each day, the lost time and inefficiency can really add up.

strech wrap machine scale

A great solution for this is to add one of our large floor scales to your stretch wrap area. As you can see from the picture, the stretch wrapper sits on top of the platform scale and makes securing the pallet and obtaining a pallet weight a simple process. Custom floor scales for under stretch wrappers are available from Central Carolina Scale. Custom sizes no problem; standard pricing and scale is typically delivered within 4 weeks. Give us a call at 919-776-7737. Low profile and high capacity are standard features along with easy zero reset (on the Pennsylvania 7500/7600 indicators) for the dead load easily preserves full capacity and calibration.