Nice low cost Digital Hanging Scale available…

When looking for a low cost digital hanging scale, the Intercomp CS200 is a wonderful choice. All electronics are shock mounted in a weatherproof case. This assures maximum protection against moisture, dust, and rough usage. High visibility 1/2″ / 12 mm LCD digital readout provides easy reading of weights; membrane push button switches allow simple trouble-free operation. Power: 9V Alkaline or Nicad, Size: 3.75″ W x 2″ D x 6″ H / 94 x 50 x 150 mm, Weight: 1.6 lb/0.75 kg, Display: 0.5 inch/12mm L.C.D,. Temperature Range: -4°F to + 140°F -20°C to +60°C , Controls: On/Off, Zero and lb/kg 1 Year Warranty

A popular digital crane scale…

We’ve had quite a few customer’s contact us looking for the CAS NC-1 Battery Operated Digital Crane Scale. It is most likely because this economical digital crane scale packs a lot into a small crane scale. The NC-1 features: Battery Operation w/ Low Battery Indication, Standard AC Adapter, Weatherproof Cast Aluminum Case, On/Off, Zero, Tare, and kg/lb, Easy to Read LCD Displays w/ Backlight Feature, Auto Zero Tracking, and Wireless Remote Control

Looking for a High Capacity – Heavy Duty Digital Crane Scale?

Now this is a heavy duty crane scale! The Intercomp CS 3000 digital crane scale is your ideal choice for a heavy duty, well built crane scale. Intercomp CS-3000 is a fully featured, high efficiency digital crane scale.

Standard Features include Digital calibration, auto shut-off, NEMA 4 cast aluminum case, 1″ LCD digital readout, display automatically adjusts to lighting conditions, recessed push-button switch, powered by 8 “D” cell batteries, infrared remote control.

Talk about a popular hanging and crane scale!

Everyone always wants to know “what’s your best selling hanging scale” or “what’s everybody else buy”? Truth is, I don’t know if the HSDC is our best selling crane scale, but it is a very popular digital hanging scale that a lot of people do like and continue to ask for year after year.

Cardinal Detecto HSDC Series “Legal for Trade” Hanging Digital Scales are full-featured, battery-powered hanging scales that incorporates push button tare, a sleep mode, and an auto shutoff mode to prolong battery life. Its aluminum alloy construction makes it lightweight and easy to use, but tough enough to stand up under conditions required of any portable hanging scale. Whether an industrial application, a curbside, site collection operation for recycling, or a supermarket, the HSDC series hanging scale is the true example of accurate portable weighing.

A truly affordable digital hanging scale? Does one really exist?

You bet! The 200BW digital hanging scale is an affordable crane scale calibrated with a highly accurate load cell with 2 eyebolts. Easy to install and operate, the 200BW crane scales come with 15 to 20 ft of cable between crane scale and your choice of digital weight indicator. The load cell is Nickel plated tool steel and is rated for 1.5 times the scale capacity.

The digital readout choices include the basic DS100, the 200E w/ peak hold, the NTEP approved TI-500BW which operates on AC and 6 “C” batteries, or the NEW WASHDOWN SYSTEM — a XIF Stainless Steel Washdown Indicator w/ Stainless Steel Load Cell.