Floor Scales 101 the Fine Print or should we say chinese print?

From time to time we hear from folks asking us about 4’x4′ floor scale systems priced well under $800 with FREE SHIPPING.  Can you truly get a quality 4’x4′ floor scale system for that price?  OR LESS!   Just take a stroll around the internet and you see all kinds of offers.  Well as it turns out, we happened to get a couple of these beauties in our shop to look at.   By the way, they were brought in for repair.

First, almost all of these low cost floor scales are not the size they are promoted to be.  They’re 44″x44″ or 47″x47″.  And that is just the top plate. Once you measure the actual supported frame underneath the top deck plate, that low cost “4×4″ floor scale that you thought was such a great deal is now really a 46″ x 46”.  One of the scales we had in our possession had no label on it.  Who Continue reading