Check Out the Latest Advanced Features of the Doran 2200 indicators

Doran listens to their distributors and their needs.  Along with the 2200’s standard features such as Gross, Net, Tare, multiple product ID’s, full numerical keypad, accumulator, eight setpoints, two RS232 ports, Doran recently released the latest offering of advanced features for the Doran 2200 Indicator which include:

Enhanced Electronics
Faster Display Update for better filtering which provides more resolution for Non-NTEP applications and superior performance and more stability in heavy vibration environments.

Supports optional Class 1 Bluetooth which is operational at 300 feet line of sight. A single Bluetooth receiver can acquire data from six Doran Scales with Bluetooth.

Power six loadcells for tank, hopper or large floor scale applications.

Expanded Memory
The 2200 will now combine the batching features of the 2200B and will have the capability to store and recall 100 batch routines.
2200CW can store and recall with a 20 character, alphanumeric ID and two 30 character description fields.

Data Buffering – Ability to store 1,000+ weighings depending on how much data is being stored.
Data can be sent to a spreadsheet via Bluetooth, USB, or any Doran communication using Doran Excelerator Data Acquisition Software.

Eight User Defined Data Fields which can be used to store and output lot numbers, batch numbers, employee ID and other information. These fields add more flexibility to advanced printing and data collection applications and offer additional means of identifying scale data.

So if you have a complex data acquisition, printing or batching application, please contact us and give a Doran scale a try. With these advanced features, we are confident to meet and EXCEED your applications and needs.