iDimension Frequently Asked Questions

If you ship packages to customers or suppliers then you really should take a look at the iDimension system built by Rice Lake. Not long ago we went into detail about how dimensional weighing is becoming a very important area for shippers to pay close attention. Today we wanted to present a few of the frequently asked questions along with answers. Plus we’ll also provide a video below that shows the unit in action easily calculating dimensional weight for various items and packages.

Q: Does iDimension Interface with shipping software programs?
A: The iDimension Series at this time is a new product. The free API and software development tool kit can help users interface with their current system. In the future, look for iDimension Software Compatibility Chart at as new companies are added to the list.

Q: How do I connect my iDimension to a PC?
A: The iDimension Series interfaces to an Ethernet port. Connect directly to a PC’s Ethernet port or router switch so that iDimension can be configured as a DCHP or static IP device.

Q: Does iDimension have a operator display or keypad?
A: The customer’s computer monitor is used as the display. iDimension’s embedded firmware provides a demo display with image, operator display and customer display. Use a Wi-Fi router to connect to a tablet using iDimension’s web service technology.

Q: Can iDimension connect to a scale?
A: iDimension can be configured to add the weight into the iDimension displays or API. There is a selection of common shipping scales to choose from or use a Rice Lake 420 indicator with custom iDimension software that uses an RS-232 to USB converter, providing an FTDI driver. Actually in a lot of cases, the end user’s scales already interface to their software program; so connection to the iDimension is not required.

Q: What is an API?
A: Application Program Interface, or API, is a set of routines, protocols and tools for building software applications. An API is generally a specification of remote calls exposed to software for consumption that will allow the software to perform different operations, or retrieve specific data. The Rice Lake API allows users to interface with the system to retrieve dimensions, weight, a low-resolution image and more valuable data using a simple HTTP request and XML parsing method. iDimension is easily installed over existing conveyors and workstations.

Q: Does iDimension provide a dimensional weight?
A: The iDimension Series is NTEP Certified to provide dimensional weight since most shipping software programs provide dimensional weight standard. However, we provide length, width, height, weight, a low resolution image, time and date, sequential capture identification, status, extended status, and identification barcode information.

Q: What is an irregular shape?
A: An irregular shape is anything that is not packed in a carton. iDimension is one of the few dimensioning systems that accurately measure an irregular shape with NTEP Certification at 10 mm accuracy.

Q: How do I calibrate the iDimension Series?
A: A calibration tool is provided with each product. Simply place the item under iDimension and calibrate using the embedded firmware.

Q: What are the advantages of the iDimension Series?
A: iDimension is an innovative, easy-to-maintain dimensioning solution with no moving parts to service. iDimension can quickly capture dimensions in 0.2 seconds from parcels placed anywhere in its zone of interest work area. A high-resolution camera captures an image of the parcel to identify bar codes and OCR data.

Q: What is the warranty?
A: One year from date of installation.

Q: What is the repair policy?
A: Rice Lake Weighing Systems has a repair depot swap program and easy field replacement.

Q: How do I troubleshoot in the field?
A: Using a remote support program like TeamViewer®, Rice Lake’s iDimension service team can quickly provide remote support from our facility without need for a field visit.

Q: Ok, all of this sounds great, how do I get an iDimension for my company?
A: Contact the sales team either by phone at 919-776-7737 or via the information request form.