Detecto Solo Medical Scale Now Available

DETECTO’s brand-new solo® eye-level clinical scale is the most economical, high-quality digital physician scale with height rod available. The solo® doctor scale is in stock and available now for orders. The Detecto solo® indicator features 8 simple buttons that are easily identifiable in any language.

The scale’s RS-232 serial port allows you to output measurement data to EMR/EHR software. Simply step on the scale to weigh and the scroll arrows let you rapidly enter your height to factor BMI. Call us at (919) 776-7737 to request a quote today.

• 550 lb x 0.2 lb / 250 kg x 0.1 kg capacity
• 14 in W x 15 in D x 2.4 in H low-profile platform
• Inline mechanical height rod
• Eye-level weight display and column
• One-inch-high LCD readouts
• Body Mass Index calculation
• Integral wheels for mobility
• RS232 serial port
• Convenient audible beep confirmation
• Powered by 6 AA batteries (included) or an optional AC adapter

The scale’s mechanical height rod is situated to the side of the LCD, so it never interferes with viewing measurements. The oversized 14 x 15 inch platform with rubber mat is only 2.4 inches high making it easy for patients to step on and off. The AC port is located in the base, so no pesky wires dangle from up on the indicator (AC Adapter optional: model PD-AC). Two integral wheels allow for ease of movement whenever you need to transport the solo®.

Detecto Scale, an ISO-9001 certified scale manufacturer, markets a complete line of quality weighing products for the healthcare, foodservice and shipping/logistics industries. Detecto’s headquarters and factory is in Webb City, Missouri, USA with warehouses in Canada and England and distributors in over 110 countries. Founded in 1900, Detecto Scale is the largest medical scale manufacturer in the United States.

The family-owned and privately-held company employs a staff of 350 associates trained in manufacturing high-quality weighing products. Detecto’s customer service, technical support, and aftermarket parts departments are all located at the factory headquarters in Webb City, MO. The company offers software, hardware, and connectivity support directly from the factory.