How Much Do Digital Truck Scales Cost?

What does a digital truck scale cost? You may be wondering what is a digital truck scale?  Is it different from a regular truck scale? Let’s answer some of those questions.

A regular or traditional truck scale often refers to a scale with standard analog load cells. This is older technology, but it’s certainly a proven product that is utilized by many businesses every single day.

digital truck scale prices

Digital truck scales have digital load cells installed. The conversion from analog to digital signal in this scenario takes place at the load cell and with the cells sending this digital data to the indicator, they are also capable of sending additional data as well including things like errors, cabling issues, calibration data. And more in fact, one of the biggest benefits of this type of scale is the ability to store calibration data in a different location than just the digital weight indicator.

With old analog truck scales if you have to replace the truck scale weight indicator or a truck scale load cell, it usually means driving a large test truck out to calibrate the scale. With a digital scale, depending on what you have to replace, it could possibly mean, not having to use a test truck, which could mean a less expensive repair charge and possibly even faster scale repair as well.

Also, if you put a large steel truck scale in the middle of a field, it’s going to act as a lightning rod of sorts. The last thing you want is a huge bill every time a thunderstorm comes through and lightning wipes out some of your scale components. With digital truck scales because of the higher quality digital signal, this technology has proven to be very resistant to any lightning or surge events provided the scale is properly grounded.

Digital Truck Scale Prices

At the time of this article, a 70 x 11 digital truck scale costs around $78,000 or so. Now that’s just for the scale itself. Foundation, indicators, side rails, freight, installation and more would be additional. For comparison’s sake, standard analog truck scale at the time of this article can run somewhere around $72,000. So the additional cost to upgrade your order to a digital truck scale is not too bad.

And remember these are 2023 prices. So if you’re reading this in like 2035, they will be more expensive. But hey, by then, we’ll all probably be flying around with jet packs on, right? 

We do need to mention one small warning regarding digital truck scales. If you choose to go this route, you will want to make sure that you or the scale company that you work with stock any basic repair parts that you feel are necessary. These digital scales are not as commonplace as analog truck scales. At least not yet…. And therefore sourcing replacement load cells and special cables can sometimes be a challenge. 

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