Medical Scales

I took a tour recently of a local pediatrician office. Unlike the other people on the tour, I was actually sneaking a peek at what scales the doctor’s office had.  I was able to see a digital Detecto Medical scale along with a couple of digital baby scales. There was also a separate stand alone height rod in the weighing station for the kids.  All the weighing equipment seemed to be in good condition and it appeared that the scales had calibration stickers on them stating that the scales had been checked for accuracy on a consistent basis. Continue reading

Stainless Steel Weight Carts ideal for transporting calibration test weights

It’s no secret that we carry the best selection of calibration test weights around, but you also need a safe and easy way to transport those weights around your facility. We have the answer with our stainless steel weight carts.

The transport weight carts are easy to roll from location to location and feature sturdy construction. The weight carts can be customized to hold various sizes and types of test weights. The Stainless Steel Lid closes to protect your weights and keep them clean.

Continue reading

New product line is sure to satisfy even the most demanding application

As you know, we are constantly striving to bring you the best in scale service and weigh scale products. It is what we strive for each and every day.

Well, our efforts have been made a little easier now that we have the entire Sartorius Industrial Lineup added to our product line. The Combics Line, IF Series, Combics Continue reading

2007 promises to be a great year

We are extremely excited to bring you some great products for 2007. As always….we will continue to bring you the tried and true products you’ve grown to love, but we will offer some new items that are sure to bring some added benefit for you this year.

Our wrestling scale lineup is as strong as ever with the W series of digital scales. We also have some exciting new digital indicators coming out this year, pallet jack scales, etc… Be sure to visit our site often in 2007. Have a happy and safe new year!