Body fat analysis scales provide many vital features to proper weight management and healthier body

Healthcare professionals across the world use Detecto’s body fat analysis scales to measure their patients’ nutritional health. These reliable, digital doctor scales measure body fat, bone mass, muscle mass, and and body water percentages. They also calculate a Body Mass Index (BMI) measurement. Choose “Normal” mode or “Athlete” mode to ensure reliable weighing and analysis for all patients. Select body fat scale models also include a digital or mechanical height rod. Optional stainless steel wall-mount grab bars are available for patients who need additional support.

DETECTO’s ProDoc PD350 series body fat analysis scales host many powerful features that are vital to proper weight management and crafting a healthier body.

DETECTO’s PD350 series offers medical-grade accuracy and durability built for long life spans in high-traffic fitness centers, corporate or hotel gyms, nutritionist’s offices, and clinical facilities. The PD350 series is available with digital or mechanical height rods and an optional P50 thermal tape printer.

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New Modern Medical Scale Now Available

The newest addition to the Rice Lake Weighing Systems medical line is thinking ahead, acknowledging the needs of current and future Electronic Medical Record (EMR) requirements. The Rice Lake Digital Physician Scale (150-10-5) is one of few medical scales on the market that can be connected to a PC through a built-in USB port.

But that’s not all this surprising new model has in store. Clinics, hospitals and fitness settings will appreciate the lightweight, portable design which also boasts a remarkable 550lb capacity, accommodating the broadest range of patients possible. For more about the features and benefits of the new Rice Lake Digital Physician Scale visit this link

Are Your Scales ADA Compliant?

Do not “weight” any longer! Upgrade to an ADA compliant seca multifunctional scale. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), enacted in 1990, was designed to improve opportunities for persons with physical and mental disabilities by enforcing equal rights and requiring that reasonable accommodations for access be made for them. Many physicians practice in offices that are deficient in meeting the needs of their patients due to non-compliance with ADA guidelines. seca multifunctional medical scales allow physicians to comply with the law and provide better care for their disabled patients.

Digital Scales for High School Sports

Over the years, Central Carolina Scale has been the ideal choice for many high school’s weighing equipment needs. Whether it’s digital scales, mechanical beam scales with height rod, test weights or annual service and calibration services; we have provided these products and services for high school coaches and high school athletic directors. Recently, one of our top fitness weighing equipment suppliers, Rice Lake Weighing Systems, was named an official sponsor of the National High School Coaches Association (NHSCA). The NHSCA is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide leadership and support to the nation’s one million high school coaches and 10 million of high school athletes.

As part of this sponsorship Rice Lake will be supporting the NHSCA, providing weighing equipment and other supplies for at least 15 National High School Championship events, including wrestling, football, basketball, tennis, golf, lacrosse, weight lifting, and other sports. Rice Lake is a leading supplier to the fitness and medical scale market, supplying a broad range of mechanical and digital devices for student athletes and athletic facilities throughout the United States and North America. For more information or to request a quote on these outstanding weighing products for high school sports, please visit the Rice Lake Healthweigh Scales section of our site.

Medical Scales

I took a tour recently of a local pediatrician office. Unlike the other people on the tour, I was actually sneaking a peek at what scales the doctor’s office had.  I was able to see a digital Detecto Medical scale along with a couple of digital baby scales. There was also a separate stand alone height rod in the weighing station for the kids.  All the weighing equipment seemed to be in good condition and it appeared that the scales had calibration stickers on them stating that the scales had been checked for accuracy on a consistent basis. Continue reading