The Latest Pennsylvania Scale Update

We just recently received this update below from Pennsylvania Scale. So we figured that we’d share the update in a simple top 10 list kind of like you might see on late night tv.

Number ten is LOAD CELLS. We sell a lot of load cells. Due to that volume, we can offer attractive pricing for cells such as TANK MOUNTS, S-TYPES, ALTERNATIVE CAPACITIES, TENSION MOUNT KITS, etc. If you are shopping for load cells for your customers,  service facilities, or special projects, please contact us a quotation!

Number nine is SHIPMENTS. The factory just upgraded and added UPS new service for larger-than-parcel but smaller-than-LTL freight packages. This service is ideal for 6400’s and M64’s which are pushing 100 lbs. So if you order a Pennsylvania Scale item, please mention “the new BEST WAY shipping”, and we will automatically upgrade the shipment to the most efficient cost-effective way, including UPS HUNDREDWEIGHT or the new service.

Number eight is FREIGHT DISCOUNTS. The factory in Lancaster PA has some amazing outbound freight rates from popular carriers. Unlike some of the competition Pennsylvania does pass along the outbound volume discount for PREPAY & ADD shipments. You may be very surprised!

Number seven is BAGGAGE SCALE ELECTRONIC KITS are once again hot items as government and aviation spending is finally coming back. 1-4 displays. Keep the existing platform and do both your customers and yourself a huge favor and upgrade to more reliable and serviceable M64 electronics.

Number six is PANEL MOUNT OPTIONS for scale indicators. We have a new design that allows retrofitting of panel-mounted indicators fitting the cut-outs for both the former UMC-600 and UMC700 models as well as the smaller openings for the original UMC-555 models, making exact field replacement easy and efficient. Contact factory for details.

Alright we’re half way home. Number five is HIGH RESOLUTION WEIGHING, many distributors are replacing overcomplicated and hard-to-use “foreign” indicators with Pennsylvania 7600 series indicators in high resolution applications. You can easily ‘push’ resolution on Pennsylvania scales and meters due, in a large part, to the premium A-D converter they use… If you need to add utility and simplify life for your maintenance technicians as well as your employees, try using 7600+ or 7600E units.

Number four is non-standard resolutions and weight units can be easily handled at the factory—including ‘pushed’ resolution (non-NTEP), double/triple ranging, special units of measure (PRIMARY/SECONDARY units—specify with order, n/c). Like a certain fast food burger chain likes to say, special orders don’t upset us – all we ask is that you let us build it your way!

Ok, number three is FAST SHIPPING AND STOCK SHIPMENTS. The factory has added staff and efficiency in Lancaster. Most standard products ship from STOCK or 1-2 day delivery. IF YOU need equipment right away, please ask, we can often get scales and spare parts quickly. Continue reading

Happy Easter

We sincerely hope you and your families enjoyed peace and happiness as we celebrate Passover and Easter.

In an era of sea change for weighing equipment and its distribution, certain important brand attributes remain the same for Pennsylvania brand scales.  Consistent, flexible treatment; Made in USA quality; long Warranties; 15-20 year service life (in a world of throwaway equipment); Technician-friendly products; and a commitment to our customers.  Continue reading