Happy Easter

We sincerely hope you and your families enjoyed peace and happiness as we celebrate Passover and Easter.

In an era of sea change for weighing equipment and its distribution, certain important brand attributes remain the same for Pennsylvania brand scales.  Consistent, flexible treatment; Made in USA quality; long Warranties; 15-20 year service life (in a world of throwaway equipment); Technician-friendly products; and a commitment to our customers. 

INDICATORS in STOCK for quick shipment.  The 7500+ and 7600+ indicators are PERFECT universal replacements; NTEP to 10,000 divisions, superb counting and weighing instruments, using the circular connector (or hard wire kit included), 4-Year Limited Mfg. Warranty, ONE BOARD design.

BAGGAGE SCALES and M64 Conversion Kits now power up to (4) FOUR displays with or without buttons.  Ideal retrofits to existing platforms.

SENSORTRONICS  — Improved stock and availability of Sensortronics Single End Shear Beam Load Cells.  You will find these almost always in the M6600 floor scales; + Great pricing on a wide range of Vishay Transducer brand cells.  Replace OEM for OEM load cells using the 65023 cell.   THOUSANDS of load cells IN STOCK!  Many brands and styles + access to competitive load cell pricing on any standard design load cell.

 GREAT MADE IN USA FLOOR SCALES — M6600 Floor scales and bases are meticulously corner calibrated and matched plug and play ready.  We appreciate orders for standard products.  BUT did you know that we are adept and competitive building special or large sized platforms or custom products?