Cardinal S-Type Load Cells

Cardinal’s stainless steel tension load cells are ideally suited for single or multiple load cell tension applications. Simplicity of design permits their use in a wide variety of configurations. The ZX250, 500 and 1000 load cells are potted with a proprietary waterproof sealant that remains flexible over the life of the load cell and protects the load cell strain gauges over a broad temperature range. Load cells ZX-2500 and up have the gauge cavity sealed by a welded stainless steel cup. Metric threads are available on most models. NTEP legal-for-trade certified. Available capacities range from 250 lb / 113 kg to 20,000 lb / 9072 kg.

Click below to see the literature on the Cardinal’s ZX series stainless steel tension load cells with quality. The ZX series is the superior choice for single or multiple load cell tension applications. These cells are NTEP certified for use in commerce and capacities range from 250 lb to 20,000 lb.

There is also new literature available for Cardinal’s Z series tension load cells. These waterproof tension load cells are ideally suited for single load cell tension applications. Fabricated from aircraft-quality aluminum alloy, these cells offer a cost-effective solution to many tension applications. They are potted with a proprietary sealant that provides for superior water protection and remains flexible over the lifespan of the load cell. The cells feature threaded holes on each end for hanger assemblies.

CenterPoint Series Tank And Hopper Weighing Systems Offer High Quality

Cardinal Scale’s new CenterPoint series Tank and Hopper Weighing Systems utilize double-ended shear beam stainless steel load cells with center load design for optimum efficiency in mixing, blending, batching, inventory control, and general weighing.

The bolt-in-place mounting assembly with articulating top plate makes them ideal for indoor or outdoor weighing applications. Available in three or four legged mounting assemblies with mild or stainless steel stands and self-checking sliding pin design, the Cardinal CenterPoint load cell kits may be combined with one of Cardinal’s state-of-the-art 200 series weight indicators for a complete digital weighing system.

Ideal for new installations or conversions, each kit comes complete with three or four stainless steel IP68 load cells, your choice of mild or stainless steel mounting assemblies, 30 feet of load cell cable, and one stainless steel junction box.

Features and Benefits
* Environmentally-sealed stainless steel load cells
* Self-checking, low-profile mounting assemblies bolt directly to floor and tank
* Light to heavy capacity mounting assemblies available
* Ideal for new installations or conversions
* Rugged bolt-in-place hardware design
* System capacities up to 200,000 pounds