Strain Gauge Load Cell Designs From Cardinal Scale Manufacturing

But in today’s ultra competitive climate, it’s getting very difficult to find domestic built load cells. In fact we wrote about that not too long ago, you can click here to see that article.

Today I wanted to look at several of the load cell designs that are available from Cardinal that distributors like Central Carolina Scale sell everyday. Of course, load cells convert force into an electrical signal and are a very important part of things like hanging scales, truck scales, floor scales, and many other medical or industrial weighing systems. The load cell sensor detects force and moves the strain gauge, which then measures the movement as an electrical signal that can be used to give power to the scale.

Located in Webb City Missouri, Cardinal Scale Mfg. is one of the largest load cell and strain gauge providers in the U.S. with their own state-of-the-art load cell facility. Cardinal features a wide variety of load cells for use with all weighing systems. From powerful aluminum alloy electronic load cells to durable stainless steel load cells, each model is available in a range of capacities. Continue reading