We’ve “pinned” down a great scale for wrestling!

For years, WRESTLING TEAM SCALES have been flimsy, abuse-prone, low end health scales which are hard to service, tedious to use, and almost impossible to get sealed by Weights & Measures officials.

Usually during the late Fall, many High School and College booster clubs and Athletic Departments begin looking for replacements. Many Community Centers and Health Clubs have exactly the same problem. When priced against low end health scales, Pennsylvania’s NTEP Approved 6400 Series Wrestling Scales are a great value!

The M6400 Series of Platforms is ideal for this application– priced right, very heavy duty, NTEP to 5000 graduations (most common is 500 x 0.1 lbs), heavy duty enough to take abuse, and highly accurate for fairness and equity in sports or personal fitness.