I want a balance with good resolution and a good price!

This is a statement we still hear all the time…well, here is the “Halloween Treat” of an answer you’ve been looking for — The Kilotech Entry Level Precision Series KHA Balance.

A versatile series of balances which supply precision at a reasonable cost. Fast microprocessing speed and digital filtration are the key to peak performance and stability. Several of the models even come with draftshields! It’s single direction RS-232 allows you to connect to peripheral devices and the backlight permits you to work in a low light environment. Levelling bubble is included and all four feet are adjustable (this is optional on some comparable models).

Features include: external calibration, brushed stainless steel platter and ac adapter, levelling bubble and adjustable feet, scale weighs in g, oz, lb, dwt, ozt, cnt (and KHA 0.01 g also weighs in CT), counting features, RS232 is a 9 PIN mono-directional serial interface with printing data output from 300-9600 baud rate.