Give me a great scale that doesn’t cost that much!

You wouldn’t believe how many times we hear that!!!! Of course, a great price is in the eye of the beholder, but the CAS SW series digital bench scale is a truly wonderful low cost digital scale that is priced really well considering all that you get.

I won’t bore you with too many features, but this scale has a tremendous amount of standard features for such a low priced scale. That’s probably one of the reasons it’s such a good seller! NTEP Approved Legal for Trade, Battery operation or AC power, nice large 1″ LCD display— and here’s the really nice feature! The SW weighs in pounds, kilograms, grams and ounces (easily switchable). It also features a nice compact design with stainless steel platter. If you’re looking for a nice, economical bench or counter top scale, the CAS SW is a super choice!