People…that’s what makes us tick.

Normally, we write about scales or balances in these blog entries, but today I thought we’d mention why Central Carolina Scale continues to be a wonderful scale sales and service company located in central North Carolina.

We read a lot today about the importance of branding, positioning, sales, profit/loss and other business jargon, but we also know that having quality people (aka…employees) is the most important thing we can have. With quality personnel, the sky is the limit. Creativity, positive attitude, enthusiasm, and of course — hard work. These are but a few of the many qualities that having good people brings to our organization. After all, if employees don’t have a clear understanding of ‘who’ they are working for and ‘why’, it’s hard to expect enthusiasm for going beyond the expected, or thinking outside the box. This entry is dedicated to the continued success for all of us.