Ok, you asked for it — you got it. My recommendation on what legal for trade price computing scale to buy for farmer’s markets

What a beautiful Saturday morning! My wife and I went to the farmer’s market and we were amazed at all the wonderful produce that was available! You name it — juicy apples, sweet corn, bright red tomatoes, green peppers, candy, pumpkins — I could go on and on…While my wife was looking at all the wonderful products available, I must confess that I was looking at all the scales that the different vendors were using. I saw almost every brand you can imagine.

Probably not a week goes by that I don’t get asked by a potential customer “what’s the best price computing scale”? I normally mention a couple of nice ones and the customer either takes my advice and buys or they don’t. However, in this entry, I’m going to give you the run down on what I witnessed at the farmer’s market today and I’m going to tell you what scale I’d buy if I ran a stand at the market.  As we strolled around, I saw a CAS unit, a couple of Avery Berkel, a few Hobart models, some Ishida models as well.   Now, are you ready for my recommendation?

I kept thinking to myself as we walked around, what would I want in a price computing scale? What makes one unit stand out from the rest of the pack? Then I realized what set one unit apart from the rest. Now, I don’t want to take away from the basic math or arithmetic skills a vendor at one of these markets must have, but wouldn’t it be nice to not have to figure out how much change to give a person after every single transaction? That’s when it hit me! The Rice Lake RS-130 price computing scale is a very nice price computing scale that can easily calculate change.

What sets the Rice Lake RS-130 apart from the other NTEP Approved digital price computing scales on the market? That’s an easy question — First, the RS-130 displays weight in not only pounds, but also kg’s and oz’s. Second, the scale computes customer change for you! Third, the scale comes with an inuse cover. Fourth, the scale can operate on standard AC power or the rechargeable battery that’s included standard. Plus, like a lot of other retail scales, it allows you to enter frequently sold items (PLU’s) into memory.

There you have it — my recommendation. The RS-130. Don’t forget though, we have many different price computing scales that are always available at Central Carolina Scale!