There Is Even A Difference In The Keypad

Rice Lake utilizes a piezo-type keypad in the CW-90X Checkweigher. These keypads are considerably thicker than traditional overlays and use piezoelectric principles, where pressure creates a mechanical charge within a crystalline layer of the product. You do not notice a tactile sensation of a dome being pushed as with many other keypads. But in the case of the CW-90X, there are certain good things about this.The CW-90X check weighing scale was designed to be used in challenging environments-factory floors, damp food processing type places, etc. In our advertising you might have noticed an individual using a chef’s knife to press a button on the CW-90X. If someone attempted that with a classic keypad, and they do, it will ultimately pierce the dome structure of the button, enabling debris into the keypad and creating failure in a very short period of time.A piezo keypad delivers superior durability. It’s chemical and weather resistant, there isn’t any moving pieces to collapse or break down, and that smooth surface area is very simple to clean. The piezo keypad is not entirely indestructible, however, if someone chooses to utilize their knife instead of their index finger, functionality won’t be jeopardized.