What Scales Are Supported by UPS Worldship?

Updated April 2022

We get this question quite often, so straight from the UPS website, here is what they list as the supported scales that connect to their Worldship software. We actually use Worldship software and the Mettler Toledo PS60 in our shipping department and it works great.

If you purchase a scale these days, the PS60 is no longer available, so you will want to look at the Mettler Toledo BC60 instead.  The BC-60 is available with a flat top platter or balltop design so you can roll boxes right off the scale.  The MT BC 60 scale has a 150 lb capacity.

recommended scales for UPS Worldship software

Our scale connects to the computer and the weight is displayed on the computer screen. So whenever we ship a package, we just place the box on the scale and the weight automatically displays on the scale and on the computer screen. This eliminates the task of having to manually type the weight into the software. We offer most of the choices below. The following scale types are supported for the COM1, COM2, COM3, and COM4 scale ports:

  • Fairbanks 70-2453-4
  • Fairbanks 70-2455
  • Fairbanks SCB R9000-14 150lb Flat Top
  • Fairbanks SCB R9000-14U 150lb Flat Top
  • NCI 3825
  • NCI 3835
  • Toledo PS 2+ 5113 250lb Roller Top
  • Toledo PS60-5155 150lb Flat Top
  • Toledo PS60-5165 150lb Flat Top
  • Toledo PS60-5165 150lb Roller Top
  • Toledo PS905113000 300lb Flat Top
  • Toledo PS905113000 300lb Roller

The following scale types are supported for the USB scale port (if USB is supported by your system):

  • Fairbanks SCB R9000-14U 150lb Flat Top
  • Toledo PS60-5155 150lb Flat Top

Since we originally wrote this article, other scales are also available including the Rice Lake BP-S shipping scales.  The popular BenchPro BP-S Shipping Digital Scale family of digital bench scales is ideal for many diverse industries and markets around the world. As a general purpose scale, the BenchPro can tare containers, zero and change units of measure.

Call (919) 776-7737 to discuss which shipping scale is right for your application or you click on the Request a Quote button.

Two additional recommendations we suggest to avoid Dimensional Weight shipping charge corrections and overall address corrections. You can either manually type the box dimensions, use a dimensional weight scanner, or use the Package Type Editor inside of UPS Worldship to save frequently used package dimensions for future shipments. And, once you type your ship to address into Worldship, press the F8 key to validate the shipping address before you print out the label.