Scale for Weighing Horse

Salter Brecknell PS3000 scale for weighing horses is accurate and reliable and a great choice for accurately weighing horses and other larger animals. The PS3000 scale helps to remove the guesswork when treatments or administration of feed needs to be closely monitored.

The Salter PS3000 horse weighing scale is accurate and affordable. The PS3000 is an ideal way to accurately weigh horses and other larger animals and helps to give accurate animal weights for treatments or administration of feed needs to be closely monitored. The PS3000 features a generous capacity of 3,000 pounds which makes it ideal for a wide range of horses. The full size 39.37″ W x 78.75″ L x 3.93″ H platform is large and makes weighing easier. The scale is large enough to avoid making animals skittish while weighing. Supplied with plywood mounting holes to allow customers a quick and simple way to fit their own plywood top to help reduce noise and risk of animals slipping. Can also be used in other general weighing applications to aid loading and unloading.

The digital weighing indicator includes a Hold function for single user weighing. The easy to use hold feature enables the scale to capture the weight and retain it while you tend to the animal. Battery operation is included for remote locations. This supplies full function with no AC power attached. AC adapter is included for charging or full time operations. Detachable indicator makes battery charging easy. This allows the indicator to be removed and taken to an AC power outlet for charging. No need to move the entire scale to the power source. Durable design for rigorous applications. This scale will insure years of use in even challenging environments.

What Does Class III Refer to When Discussing NTEP Requirements?

Handbook 44 from NIST spells out rules and regulations for the weighing industry and separates weighing devices into five accuracy classes. Depending on the number and value of scale divisions, equipment can be either class I, II, III, III L, or IIII, with Class I having the highest precision. All Legal-for-Trade scales fall under one of these five classes.

Table 7a of Handbook 44 breaks down the description of each class. Class III states: “All commercial weighing not otherwise specified, grain test scales, retail precious metals and semi-precious gem weighing, animal scales, postal scales, vehicle on-board weighing systems with a capacity less than or equal to 30,000 lb, and scales used to determine laundry charges.”

NTEP scales

Basically, what it’s saying is anything that doesn’t fall elsewhere would go in this weight class, providing the device meets the criteria for the quantity and size of divisions. Class III covers many different types of scales, making it a bit of a catch-all. Produce scales would be one type of Class III application. While some jewelry scales are Class III if the resolution is appropriate for the application, meanwhile, a more precise jewelry scale could be Class II. It all depends on the number of divisions and capacity. Precision laboratory devices usually fall under Class I.  

At the opposite end of the spectrum is Class III L, which covers heavier capacity on-board applications, truck scales, livestock scales and railroad scales. Class IIII applies strictly to axle scales and wheel loader devices for highway weight enforcement.

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At Central Carolina Scale, our philosophy has always been to work directly with customers to help them choose the proper weighing equipment. If you have specific questions about scale classes, call us at (919) 776-7737 or email us at

Animal Scales don’t have to cost a fortune

The LVS-700 Vet Scale features a large easy to clean 38″ x 20″ stainless platform with four loadcells underneath. The max capacity of the system is 700 pounds. The remote display with large LCD gives easy viewing. The display can be used on a desk top or wall mounted with the included hardware. The VS-700 runs on regular AC power or AA batteries and features a Hold function, Rubber Mat Included, Wheels Included, Carry Handle Included, and is best of all the scale is Affordable AND Reliable.

Medical Scales

I took a tour recently of a local pediatrician office. Unlike the other people on the tour, I was actually sneaking a peek at what scales the doctor’s office had.  I was able to see a digital Detecto Medical scale along with a couple of digital baby scales. There was also a separate stand alone height rod in the weighing station for the kids.  All the weighing equipment seemed to be in good condition and it appeared that the scales had calibration stickers on them stating that the scales had been checked for accuracy on a consistent basis. Continue reading


Need odd sized floor scales for unique applications or to fit an existing pit without modifying it? Have special loading requirements? Point loading? Let us quote and design a custom floor scale for you or your customer!

Due to the unique engineering and manufacturing capability at our suppliers facility in Terre Haute, Indiana; we are adept at providing special designs at standard pricing, usually with only 3 to 4 week lead times. Continue reading

PC Software captures Data from Digital Scales or Balances

Recently Adam Equipment introduced AdamDU Data Collection Software, a new software utility that collects balance and scale data for immediate analysis or for exporting to other applications such as spreadsheets. The software is easy to set up and can record data from up to eight Adam Equipment balances and scales simultaneously. AdamDU is also capable of providing graphing and statistic analysis for the collected data.

Customers are asking for easy ways of sending their scale data to the computer and with the Adam software package, it couldn’t get any easier. The software is designed to work with most Adam balances and scales, without needing complex programming skills. Continue reading

Looking for a dog to adopt? Also, we carry many Animal and Vet Scales

Just wanted to make you aware that we carry many different veterinary scales — perfect for any budget. Please take a look when you get a free moment.

The real point of this entry is to highlight what joy can come from adopting a wonderful little dog from an animal rescue mission. If you are looking for a little companion puppy or dog to play with or just a loyal friend to watch grow and develop and be a part of your family, I strongly encourage you to take a look at a local pet rescue center in your area. These are nice adorable dogs who might just be what you and/or your family have been looking for!

Quality versus Price

Sometimes ideas about what to write on this blog just fall right into my lap. I just got off the phone with a potential customer who was asking for a price on a scale system. Once I told him the price, he immediately questioned me and wondered why my item was so much more expensive than a “similar” item he had just seen on another website. I Continue reading

You make the call — throw away or A REAL FISHING SCALE

“I’m looking for an inexpensive fishing scale for my club” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard this! Without a doubt, we at Central Carolina Scale have the BEST digital fishing scales on the market! No, they are not cheap. Yes, some clubs run and hide when they hear the price! Like we say on our site…YOU MAKE THE CALL — keep buying throw away office scales every year or STEP UP and buy a FISHING TOURNAMENT SCALE!

The Tournament Series is a washdown safe, stainless steel scale with large weigh platform. Best of all, the weight LOCKS in on the display! The Doran Classic Series also features the weight LOCK. Both of these are OUTSTANDING choices. Both are NTEP legal for trade and both have internal rechargeable battery available. Large remote displays are also available to allow the audience a great view of the weigh in.

One note to think about…each state’s laws vary but it’s probably a really good idea to have your tournament scale certified by your department of weights and measures to ensure you’re using a certified NTEP legal for trade scale system at any fishing tournament where money is used as an award. Fortunately, both of these scales are easily certified since they’re NTEP approved.

Inexpensive Animal Weigh Scale that’s digital!

Looking for a nice, inexpensive scale to weigh animals on? Look no further than the WSI Medical VS-250 Vet Scale. It features a large easy to clean stainless platform with four loadcells. Its remote display with large LCD gives easy viewing. The display can be used on a desk top or wall mounted with the included hardware.

Capacity ……………..550 lb

Graduation ………….. 0.2lb

Dimensions ………….43 x 20 x 2”

Power Supply ………Rechargeable Battery, charger included