Top Physician Beam Scales for Doctors Offices and Hospitals

We’ve all seen these scales over the years when we visit the doctors office. It’s the scale that you step on and then the nurse slides the weight across in order to get the beam to line up in the middle. Once the beam stops moving and is centered, your weight is determined.

The scale actually takes awhile to display the patient weight when compared to a modern digital scale. But, the traditional “doctors office scale” with the beam is generally very reliable and are built to last a long, long time.

physician beam scales

The top choices of physician beam scales are typically the brands you would expect. HealthOMeter Professional manufacturers a wide lineup of mechanical doctors office scales which are easy to use and reliable like the model 402KL. These scales typically feature long warranties and can be ordered with or without height rod, wheels or the ability to display kg or lbs.

Seca is another popular brand of physician beam scales that hospitals and medical centers like to utilize. The model 700 from seca features slip resistant cast iron base and anti-tip column design, which also allows patients to be safely measured and weighed. The scale is printed on both sides, allowing both patient and nurse to read the weight. For the ultimate in versatility, the model 700 is also available in five other versions: kg only with stadiometer, lbs only with a stadiometer and handle, lbs only with stadiometer, lbs/kg with no stadiometer, and lbs/kg with stadiometer.

Detecto has long been a brand of choice for physicians for decades. Their world renowned eye-level mechanical weigh beam physician scales feature a heavy-duty platform, a dual-reading die-cast weigh beam which may be read from either side of the scale. Featuring long-lasting, durable steel construction with an electrostatic powder paint finish for optimum quality. Height rod, wheels, and handpost features available as options if needed.

Over the years, these are the top physician beam scales in our opinion. When you are interested in purchasing one of these scales, we recommend that you contact us with exactly what features you would like (such as 500 lb capacity, height rod, wheels etc…) and we can put together a quote with our top recommendations for you.

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