Remote Displays and Scoreboards For Truck Scales Are Becoming Standard Items Lately

Customers are discovering that adding a remote display to your weighing operations allows the scale operator, truck driver, customer, or anyone else nearby to see the weight displayed. A nice choice for displays is the Survivor Laserlight from Rice Lake.

Power up a SURVIVOR® LaserLight remote display or an M-Series messaging display in your application and the benefits of its bright, high-intensity display and non-glare lens are immediately visible. From a fog concealed truck scale, to the smoke and dust of a foundry
or steel mill, the LaserLight’s LED display provides sharp, easy to read images of your critical weight process values. You’ll never experience wash-out in direct sunlight or lose visibility in dark conditions again, because the LaserLight uses an IntelliBright™ sensing
feature that automatically adjusts the display for optimal viewing in any lighting condition.

With the LaserLight M-Series messaging remote display, you can easily slide, scroll or flash any alphanumeric message. Perfect for showing important information, displaying instructions, or any general greeting, the M-Series is available with an 8 character or 12 character display.

Emitted light enhances maximum viewing distance from 70˚ vertical axis and 140˚ horizontal axis. All models come with annunciators for GR, NT, lb, and kg. For added convenience, optional time and date, and temperature functions are also available.

The light gray, heat resistant enclosure is smartly designed with a sloped top to ensure moisture run-off. Conveniently located setup and navigation switches allow for easy configuration of the unit. To simplify installation and make retrofitting an attractive option, the Auto Learn mode identifies the communications format and data rate used by your weight indicator to make installation quick and easy. The SURVIVOR® LaserLight remote display… providing crisp, accurate weight readings to ensure your process is always moving forward.