Why Scale Leveling is Important

You invest in a scale because you are looking for a machine that will give you an accurate weight reading. If you have done your research, then you have purchased the right scale for your needs — one that is designed to handle the weight of the objects you need to weigh. 

So what happens when you think you have done everything right and then you find out that your scale is giving you inaccurate readings? What if you have been using it and moving forward with business – only to find out your readings have been off for weeks? 

If your scale is not level, it is not going to give you an accurate measurement.


Leveling Matters

Many people may use a scale without realizing that leveling it is crucial to a successful reading. Who cares if it is leaning a little? After all, leaning a little is not going to change the weight of the item on the scale, right? Wrong. Leveling has everything to do with a solid weight reading. 

Here is why leveling matters so much. When weighing an object, it is actually the measurement of Earth’s gravitational force being exerted on the object. If you think way back to your middle school science class, you may remember learning that Isaac Newton taught us that gravity only forces things in one direction – and that is down. 

With this in mind, gathering the measurement properly will only happen if the force of gravity is exactly perpendicular to the surface of the scale. If not? Well, you would only be weighing gravity on part of the object. And that’s just not going to give you the measurement reading you are looking for. 

How do you fix the problem? Level the scale. 


How to Level Your Scale

Leveling each scale will vary based on the type – and size – of the scale. Many have leveling feet that can be adjusted up and down to make sure it is completely level. Using a bubble level that may or may not be attached, you can easily tell when you have appropriately adjusted the feet. 

Because leveling tips will vary based on the unit, it is best to consult your manufacturer’s guide when setting up your scale so that you know initially – and in the future – how to ensure proper leveling. 

Important note: Leveling needs to take place before every use. If the scale gets bumped or if it is moved from one location to another, it will likely be unlevel again. It is a good idea to make it common practice to make sure the scale is perfectly level before each use. 


Central Carolina Scale for All Your Scale Needs

We know how exciting it is to get a new scale and put it to work. But we can’t stress enough how important it is to make sure your scale is level before you start using it. Otherwise, you may find yourself wasting your business resources – or finding yourself with bigger problems. 

So, whether you have questions about leveling your scale or believe it is just time to buy a new one, Central Carolina Scale has a professional team that is just waiting to help you out. 


Be confident that your weight measurement is 100% accurate every time. Contact Central Carolina Scale today at (919) 776-7737.