Nice line of printers now available from CCS

The Datamax Ex2 printer combines the latest technology with affordable pricing in a small package. This printer is positioning itself as the standard in the entry-level thermal printer market. Datamax has combined powerful performance with a 32-bit multi-tasking processor with two megabytes of memory and serial, parallel, and USB communications.

Unique engineering has achieved a compact footprint by incorporating the communications interface and power connection under the printer. Limited space is not an issue for the Ex2. This printer is perfect for all your low to medium volume printing applications. With huge value and performance packaged in such a small printer, the Datamax Ex2 is the most economical thermal printer available.

Small battery operated ticket printer from Cardinal…

Cardinal Detecto’s P150 printer is a battery-operated ticket printer that can be mounted to any 758C with the new serial port. The bracket conveniently mounts to the back of the 758C using 2 existing screws. Printing at 50 mm/sec, the P150 utilizes a long-life lithium-ion battery that supplies up to 40,000 lines of 8 dots/mm (203 dpi) thermal printing on a single charge.

Lithium Ion battery with up to 20,000 printed weighments before recharging. The batteries recharge to full capacity in only 3 hours. RS-232 serial connectivity – includes compact cable ready to plug into Cardinal Detecto Indicators. Battery low status lamp. The bracket conveniently mounts to the back of the 758C using 2 existing screws. Easy to change paper roll

NCI 1200 Series Printers

Nice economical printers are available! The NCI 1200 printer. A little printer for BIG jobs, used for data logging diagnostic results in the automotive, alarm, medical, photo copier, and refrigeration industries. 24, 32, & 40 characters per line, 1.5K buffer, double width, double height, reverse print, graphic character sets and 144 dots per line are just some of the capabilities of this printer. Available Baud rates internally configured from 300 – 19.2. Standard – 38 lines per minute.

All 1200 Series Printers Include: Cool Gray standard tabletop style impact printer; a paper roll 2-1/4” wide and 2-3/4” in diameter; a replaceable black ribbon cartridge; On/Standby indicator LED; USA 120VAC, 60Hz desk mount transformer; operators manual; 1.5K character buffer; Selectable character lines of 24.32, 40 columns; 90-day warranty.

Pay attention next time you get a product from the market or deli

Because chances are, that product has a label on it that came from a digital scale w/ printer. We have both CAS and Ishida labels for your printing needs. CAS and Ishida are a couple of the world’s largest distributors of weighing solutions. For over 100 years they have provided the retail scale industry with high-quality products and top-notch customer service. From simple price computing scales to NTEP bench scale systems to scales with printer, both of these manufacturer’s design and manufacturer a full line of advanced products to meet your retail weighing needs. Whether you’re in the grocery, convenience store, floral, or any point-of-sale industry, you can count on these companies to deliver superb products at a great value.

Labels play a key role in the point-of-sale process. Attractive labels catch the customer’s eye and increase product turnover. Choose from our large selection of meat, bakery, and floral labels. Our labels are constructed of the highest quality materials to assure extended printhead life and product satisfaction.

It’s State Fair time again!

You must be thinking, what does the State Fair have to do with a scale blog? Well, a lot if you stop and think about it. Remember the person who stands on practically every corner and guesses people’s weight? What’s that big item behind him? Looks like a scale to me. I’m sure there’s lots of other examples of how scales come into play before, during, and after the fair. (Especially after eating all that food!!!)

But, the real thought I had was a booth that has always been at the fair for as long as I can remember. It has a small 3’x3′ floor scale connected to a digital readout and a printer. However, the digital readout ALWAYS has a piece of cardboard taped over it so no one can see how much weight is on the scale!!!! After each person steps on the scale, the operator presses the print button and each person gets a private “printout” of their weight.

So, todays topic is printers. We have many different ones to choose from. Basically, you have three different types. A ticket printer which is used mostly on truck scales. We also have a tape printer, kind of like the credit card receipts you get at the store. Finally, we have label printers, remember the labels you see on items at the supermarket like special breads or meats that you buy by the pound.